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Virtual tourism - the real thing in Palmerston

Palmerston campus

The Travel Top End Virtual Enterprise is housed
at CDU's Palmerston campus

By Jason McIntosh

Budding tourism and business employees can now sample real business thanks to the launch of the Travel Top End Virtual Enterprise at Charles Darwin University's Palmerston campus.

Peak industry body Tourism Top End joined with CDU to expose Palmerston-based students to the realities of running tourism operations.

Students are mentored by local tourism groups and conduct business with other virtual organisations across the world via the Virtual Enterprise Australia portal, which has more than 100 members.

The Virtual Enterprise was launched recently by Tourism Top End Marketing Manager Alana Young and CDU NT Manager, Business Service Industries Morag McGrath.

Representatives from tourism operations and hospitality recruitment staff attended the launch.

Ms McGrath said the virtual enterprise was crucial in giving students real-life scenarios so they understood the challenges and opportunities within the industry.

“Industry and students value training that is relevant to the real world and both lecturers and industry representatives realise these virtual enterprises help us to achieve this,” she said.

Ms McGrath said CDU’s strong industry relationships made the virtual enterprise a natural choice for the university.

Tourism Top End Marketing Manager Alana Young said she hoped the project would inspire students who were seeking careers in tourism and “help local industry tap into some of the great Territory talent coming out of Palmerston”.