Associate Degree of Information and Communication Technology

The Associate Degree of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is a challenging and rapidly developing field, with new applications being developed to enhance the environment we live in. 

Students completing this qualification will develop an understanding of the underlying principles and applications of information and communication technology. The acquisition of professional ICT knowledge and skills will enable them to adapt to this interesting and dynamic field as professionals.

This course recognises the importance that employers place on people skills and management processes. Therefore, students will also learn to be problem solvers, decision makers, effective communicators and team players. The ICT course was developed in consultation with industry representatives and aligned with industry requirements. Career opportunities exist in the areas of web design and application development.

Program structure

The core of this program prepares students with the necessary IT skills so that they are well prepared for work when graduated. The program stresses both the importance of theory and the application of theory in practice through projects and practical exercises.

This course is available externally by distance learning for those who are not able to attend classes on campus on a regular basis. Distance learning requires reliable broadband internet access.

Career opportunities

Career opportunities exist in the areas of web development and application development.

Entry requirements

Successful completion of one of the following:

Course information

Detailed course information of the Bachelor of Software Engineering is available at the following link:


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