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Exam and invigilated test information

Exam policy

The Higher Education Examination Policy (PDF 182KB) applies to those forms of examination and assessment which occur during a main central examination period and are consistent with the University Higher Education Assessment Procedures.

Past exam papers

Past exam papers for units are available in the Library exam database.

Mid-semester invigilated tests - location, invigilation and proctoring

Many units in the School of Engineering and Information Technology have mid-semester invigilated tests. Refer to your Unit Information on Learnline to find out if you have a mid-semester invigilated test and the time this is held.

Internal students

Internal students in Darwin are expected to sit the mid-semester invigilated test at the Casuarina campus.

External students- within 80 km of Darwin

If you live within 80km of the Casuarina campus, you will have to sit the mid semester invigilated test at the Casuarina campus.

Other external students - units with human invigilation

If you live in other locations and your unit requires invigilation, you will need to find a suitable invigilator for the mid-semester invigilated test – this should be done as quickly as possible, and certainly before the end of week 2 of the semester in which the unit is held.

Please be aware that it is the responsibility of the student to contact the unit coordinator to arrange a mid semester invigilated test off campus.

An invigilator cannot be a relative or someone you live with.

By the end of week 2, you must have emailed the following details of your invigilator to your unit coordinator:

  • Name of invigilator
  • Occupation
  • Relationship of invigilator - student (if any)
  • Email address
  • Daytime phone number(s)
  • Fax number

Your mid-semester invigilated test will be sent to your invigilator before the time of the mid-semester invigilated test.

Other external students - units with proctoring

Selected units may use on-line proctoring services instead of human invigilation. This will be communicated to you on the Learnline site of the unit.

Currently CDU use Respondus Lock Down Browser and Respondus Monitor to support online proctoring services.

Respondus LockDown Browser:

  • is a custom web browser that locks down the testing environment within Learnline;
  • prevents students from printing, copying, going to another URL, or accessing other applications during the online test;
  • locks students into the test environment until it is submitted for grading; and
  • is required to be installed on Windows or Mac computer before the online test.

Respondus Monitor:

  • is a companion product for LockDown Browser designed for use when students take online test in a non-invigilated setting (e.g. off-campus);
  • uses the student’s webcam on their own computer to record activity during the online test; and
  • allows lecturers to review the recorded video.

Download Respondus Lock Down Browser (required for Respondus Lock Down Browser and Respondus Monitor) -

Resources and Guides:

Final exam - location and invigilation

Internal students

Internal students in Darwin are expected to sit exams at their main campus.

External students within 80 km of Darwin

External students within 80 km of Darwin must sit the exams at the Casuarina campus.

Other external students

Please be aware that it is the responsibility of the student to contact the External Students Support section to arrange a final exam off campus. Further information can be found at final examination page for external students.

Final exam - date and time

The date and time of the final exams are published in the University timetable under "Examinations"..