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Graduate attributes

Undergraduate students studying at Charles Darwin University have a range of generic skills that are built into their programs of study as they progress through the years of their degree. These are referred to as Graduate Attributes.

CDU Graduate attributes

The Charles Darwin University graduate attributes refer to those skills, qualities and understandings that should be acquired by students during their time at the University regardless of their discipline of study.

The attributes accord with the University's strategic directions and values, focusing on student-centred learning and supporting the effective construction and application of knowledge.

Each unit you study will have a statement of the graduate attributes that are integrated into the unit.

You will find this in the unit outlines accessible at the unit's Learnline site.

Engineers Australia Competency Standards

For students studying Engineering, Engineering Australia, the accrediting body, also specify a set of competencies required of all engineering graduates.

University education provides the learning base (Stage 1 Competencies) upon which competence for an engineering career is built. This can be gained at CDU at the level of technologist (Bachelor of Engineering Science) or professional engineer (Bachelor of Engineering Honours or Master of Engineering).

Unit outlines of engineering units delivered at CDU provide details about the Stage 1 Competencies gained in each unit of the course.

Successful completion of all units of the course ensure that Stage 1 Competencies have been gained to enter engineering practice at the level of technologist or professional engineer.

Find out more about Engineers Australia accreditation and competency standards.