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Knowledge Management

There is no doubt that the knowledge economy is a reality and research on the field of Knowledge Management and associated topics are still scares and organizations are finding it hard to find expertise in the field. The research on Knowledge Management will focus on different aspects of Knowledge Management (KM) as a field of study as well as its application in businesses/enterprises/organizations. 

The areas which PhD (research) students can work on if they decide to do research on KM are very diverse and include topics in: Knowledge Management implementation, knowledge sharing, knowledge acquisition, Km and Business intelligence, KM and organizational productivity, KM and supply chain management, KM and Positive Psychology, Km in group settings, KM in education, only to name few of the topics. 

Suggested topics are:

  1. Knowledge Management and Organizational Productivity. The topic looks how the implementation of KM in organizations would improve the productivity through the sharing and acquisition of employees’ know-how
  2. Knowledge Management and Positive Psychology (PS). The topic looks at how the marriage between KM and PS results in improved employees’ performance in the enterprise
  3. Knowledge management and the supply chain management. This research looks at how different supply chains (construction, service etc.) can be improved through the use of knowledge management concepts particularly in the capture of lessons learned and expertise.
  4. A knowledge management system for group interactions. This topic requires developing a software system which facilitate the communication, sharing, exchange of ideas etc. among geographically distributed group members during project development 
  5. Knowledge sharing and employees’ compliance with information security. This topic addresses how the sharing of know-how, experiences and expertise among employees could be a drive for increased employee’s compliance with the organization’s  security policies.

Research Coordinator: Jamal El-Den