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Most academic staff within the School of Engineering and IT are undertaking cutting-edge research in a number of national and international areas of importance. A list of staff contacts and their research areas are given below. The school has world-class facilities and software for postgraduate students to carry out unique research projects.

If you are considering higher degree by research study in the areas of engineering or IT, we encourage you to contact any of our listed supervisors below, to see if they can assist with your desired research project.

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MembersNameResearch areas
Friso De Boer profile photoProf Friso De Boer


  • Design and control (sensorless and adaptive) of axial flux electric motors
Erwin Chan profile photoAssoc Prof Erwin Chan

Fibre-optics and Photonics

  • Microwave photonics
  • Photonic signal processing
  • Broadband optical communications
  • Nonlinear fibre optics
  • Optically-controlled phased arrays
  • Gigahertz/terahertz photonics in communication and radar systems
  • Biophotonics
  • Fibre optic sensors
Luis Herrara Diaz profile photoDr Luis Herrera Diaz

Adsorption processes and Characterization of porous solids

  • Development of a characterization method for porous solids.
  • Development of new molecular simulation method to study adsorption.
  • Characterization of porous solids by using adsorption means.
  • Separation of gases
Charlie Fairfield profile photoProf Charlie Fairfield

Civil engineering, hydrology, environmental engineering, and sustainability

  • Hydrology and modelling of wetlands
  • Sediment transport and estuarine modelling
  • The water-energy nexus
  • Living Water Smart: the economics of demand management measures in public water supply
  • Governance and engineering frameworks for future water-energy mega-projects
  • Low-cost, real-time, airborne sensor development for wetland surveying and monitoring
  • Cavitation and bubble dynamics in high-pressure water-jets
  • Design, testing, and monitoring of buried pipes, drains, and sewers
  • Sustainable urban drainage systems and water sensitive urban design
  • Water-use auditing and analysis of water-saving systems
  • Non-destructive testing in civil and structural engineering
  • Catchment area management in Indonesia’s NTT Province: geomorphology, sediment transport, and irrigation policy management
  • Asset management: a residual service life approach to public utility maintenance operations
  • Soil erosion in tropical river systems
  • Mathematical modelling of error bounds in bathymetric/hydrographic surveying
Mirjam Jonkman profile photoDr Mirjam Jonkman

Biomedical engineering

  • Evaluation of auditory evoked potentials in EEG signals
  • Development of prostheses for developing countries
  • Development of signal processing algorithms for biomedical signals
Krishnan Kannoorpatti profile photoAssoc Prof Krishnan Kannoorpatti

Materials engineering

  • Corrosion Engineering – Corrosion measurements, Modelling, Biomaterials
  • Welding Engineering – Development of weld procedures, process enhancement, Numerical predictions of temperatures and residual stresses
Alexander Koblov profile photoDr Alexander Koblov

Process Engineering

  • Vapour-Liquid Equilibrium (VLE) and Pressure-Volume-Temperature (PVT) measurements and modelling
  • PVT simulation and prediction of behaviour of CO2 and H2 containing mixtures
  • Equation of State (EOS) and activity coefficient modelling.
Jai Singh profile photoProf Jai Singh

Organic Electronics and Renewable Energy technologies

  • Designing of thin film solar cells, both inorganic and organic, for optimal photovoltaic performance
  • Designing of organic light emitting devices (OLEDs) with optimal internal conversion efficiency.
  • Inorganic scintillators with high energy resolution for applications in nuclear medical imaging and border and homeland security.
  • Excitonic and optical properties of bulk semiconductors and nanostructures (quantum wells, quantum dots, etc.)
David Lilley profile photoProf David Lilley

Structural Engineering

  • Effects of extreme winds
  • Structural dynamics
  • Train-generated vibration of railway bridges
  • Non-destructive testing of structures using vibration techniques
  • Conservation of heritage structures
  • Defects within glass and glazing panels
Suresh profile photoProf Suresh Thennadil

Process Analytics, Monitoring and Control

  • Continuous monitoring of polymerisation reactions using spectroscopy.
  • Bayesian approaches for Multivariate data and model fusion applied to chemical and biological processes.
  • Application of big data analytics for data-based process modelling and optimisation.
  • Hybrid model-based control and optimisation of polymerisation reactions.
Sina Vafi profile photoDr Sina Vafi

Wireless Technologies

  • Error control coding,  Forward Error Correction (FEC) codes
MemberNameResearch areas
Jamal El-DenDr Jamal El-Den

Knowledge Systems and Management

  • Tacit Knowledge Transformation
  • Application of Positive Psychology in Knowledge Management
Peter Shaw profile photoDr Peter Shaw


  • Applications of Parameterized/multivariate (FPT) and combinatorial algorithms in computational biology, econometrics, predictive analytics and data mining.