Prof Frances Rosamond


Adjunct Professorial Research Fellow - Mathematics

Research Interests

  • Computational complexity theory and parameterized / multivariate complexity theory, kernelization, combinatorial algorithms
  • Applications of combinatorial algorithms in voting, election and consensus problems, and in computational biology, medical- and bio-informatics

Current Research Projects

  • Applications of parameterized complexity and algorithms to problems in computational social choice
  • Foundations of multivariate complexity

Selected publications


Educational Transformations: The Influences of Stephen I. Brown, (580 pages) edited with L. Copes. AuthorHouse Publishing (Bloomington, Indiana), 2006

Book Chapters

  • Bell, T., Rosamond, F., and N. Casey. “Computer Science Unplugged and related projects in math and computer science popularization,” Festschrift in Honour of Michael Fellows, (R. Downey, Ed.), Springer, due 2012.
  • Rosamond, F. “Passion Plays: Melodramas about Mathematics,” Festschrift in Honour of Michael Fellows, (R. Downey, Ed.), Springer, due 2012.
  • Rosamond, F (2011) “Statistics of the Field,” Computer Science: The Hardware, Software and Heart of It (E.K. Blum and A.V. Aho., Eds.), Springer, (ISBN 9781-4614-1167-3) 421—466.
  • Fellows, M., Gaspers, G. and Rosamond, F. (2011) “Multivariate Complexity Theory,” Computer Science: The Hardware, Software and Heart of It, (E. K. Blum and A. V. Aho, Eds.), Springer, (ISBN 9781-4614-1167-3) 269—294.
  • Rosamond, F. (2008) “Max Leaf Spanning Tree”. Encyclopaedia of Algorithms (Ming-Yang Kao, Ed), Springer, pp. 297-305. ISBN: 978-0-387-30770-1 (Print) 978-0-387-30162-4 (Online)
  • Rosamond, F (2006) “On-line and Off-line computer games and mathematical sciences popularization.” Chapter in the book, Educational Transformation: The Influences of Stephen I. Brown, (F. Rosamond and L. Copes, eds.), AuthorHouse, (2006) 407-426
  • V. Estivill-Castro, M. Fellows, M. Langston and F. Rosamond (2005) “FPT is P-Time Extremal Structure I.” In: Algorithms and Complexity in Durham 2005”, (H. Broersma, M. Johnson and S. Szeider, eds.), King's College Publications, Texts in Algorithmics 4 (2005), 1--41. ISBN 1-904987-10-9
  • Rosamond, F. (1999) “Our Voices: Using Skits on Equity and Diversity for Initiating Institutional and Personal Change.” Chapter in the book, Social Justice and Mathematics Education: Gender, Class, Ethnicity and the Politics of Schooling (C. Keitel, ed.) International Organization of Women in Mathematics Education, Freie Universitat Berlin
  • Rosamond, F. (1995) “The Role of Emotion: Expert and Novice Mathematical Problem Solving,” Research Issues in Undergraduate Mathematics Learning (J. Kaput and E. Dubinsky, eds), MAA Notes #33
  • Rosamond, F. (1994) “Micro Inequities Skit Kit: Are We There Yet?” Encouraging Women in Mathematics (P. Kenschaft, Ed.) The Mathematical Association of America
  • Rosamond, F. (1992) “A Century of Women's Participation in the Mathematical Association of America and Other Mathematics Organizations.” Chapter in the book, Winning Women into Mathematics (Patricia Kenschaft, Ed.) MAA

Selected Journal Publications (and 30 others)

  • Frances A. Rosamond, Roswitha Bardohl, Stephan Diehl, Uwe Geisler, Gordon Bolduan, Annette Lessmöllmann, Andreas Schwill, Ulrike Stege: Reaching out to the media: become a computer science ambassador. Commun. ACM 54(3): 113-116 (2011)
  • Michael R. Fellows, Fedor V. Fomin, Daniel Lokshtanov, Frances A. Rosamond, Saket Saurabh, Stefan Szeider, Carsten Thomassen: On the complexity of some colourful problems parameterized by treewidth. Information and Computation. 209(2): 143-153 (2011)
  • Michael R. Fellows, Tzvika Hartman, Danny Hermelin, Gad M. Landau, Frances A. Rosamond, Liat Rozenberg: Haplotype Inference Constrained by Plausible Haplotype Data. IEEE/ACM Transactions on Computational Biology and Bioinformatics. 8(6): 1692-1699 (2011)

Selected Conference Publications (and 47 others)

  • Robert Crowston, Michael R. Fellows, Gregory Gutin, Mark Jones, Frances A. Rosamond, Stéphan Thomassé, Anders Yeo: Simultaneously Satisfying Linear Equations Over F_2: MaxLin2 and Max-r-Lin2 Parameterized Above Average. FSTTCS 2011: 229-240
  • Michael R. Fellows, Tobias Friedrich, Danny Hermelin, Nina Narodytska, Frances A. Rosamond: Constraint Satisfaction Problems: Convexity Makes All Different Constraints Tractable. IJCAI 2011: 522-527
  • Frances Rosamond: A three-hour tour of some modern mathematics. In Mathematics: Traditions and [new] practices, (J. Clark, B. Kissane, J. Mousley, T. Spencer & S. Thornton, Eds.) Adelaide: AAMT & MERGA. (2011) 1038 – 1046.

Membership of professional organisations

Member of Australasian Association for Engineering Education (AaeE)

Prof Frances Rosamond


T: +61 8 8946 6457
F: +61 8 8946 6680

School of Engineering and Information Technology
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Charles Darwin University
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