A/Prof Krishnan Kannoorpatti


Discipline Leader - Mechanical Engineering

School Research Leader


  • Materials Engineering
  • Information Management
  • Research interests
  • Corrosion
  • Asset Management

Selected Publications

  • Varmaa Marimuthu, Krishnan Kannoorpatti (2016), Corrosion behaviour of high chromium white iron hardfacing alloys in acidic and neutral solutions", In Press, Journal of Bio- and Tribo-Corrosion
  • Varmaa Marimuthu, Krishnan Kannoorpatti (2016), Corrosion Behaviour of High-Chromium White Iron Hardfacing Alloys in an Alkaline Solution, J Bio Tribo Corros 2:26, DOI 10.1007/s40735-016-0056-x.
  • Marimuthu  V, Dulac I , Kannoorpatti K (2016) Significance of Pourbaix Diagrams to Study the Corrosion Behaviour of Hardfacing Alloys Based on Chromium Carbides at 298 K (25 °C). J of Bio- and Tribo-Corrosion  2(3): 1-7, 2016.
  • Marimuthu V , Dulac I , Kannoorpatti K (2015) Thermodynamic analysis of corrosion of carbides of titanium, niobium and tungsten. In: Proceedings of the MISE Conference, Nov. Brisbane
  • Krishnan K. N., David Lilley, Grahame Webb, Effect of Surface Roughness on the Corrosion of 316-type Stainless Steel, Corrosion, Jl. Of Australasian Corrosion Assoc., Vol.36, 36-37, December 2011
  • Krishnan K.N., David Lilley, Grahame Webb, Investigation into causes of Corrosion in 316-type stainless steel, 18th International Corrosion Congress, Pert, November 20-24, 2011.
  • K N Krishnan, Opportunities in Friction Stir Welding Research, Invited speaker, Annamalai University, April 17-18, 2009.
  • K N Krishnan, Investigations into Friction Stir Welding of Aluminium alloys, SOJOM 2008, WRI, BHEL, Tiruchirappalli, 11-13 December 2008.
  • K N Krishnan, Developments in Friction Welding Processes, RAMP 2006, PSG College of Technology, 15-16 December 2006.
  • K N Krishnan and David Stevens, Failure Analysis of Cracking in Austenitic Stainless Steel Welds, RAMP 2006, PSG College of Technology, 15-16 December 2006.
  • T. Venugopal, K.N. Krishnan, K. Prasad Rao, Some Studies on 7075 Aluminium Alloy Friction Stir Welds, Conf. Proc. National Symposium of Research Scholars on Metals and Materials (NSRS IV), Sept. 27-28, 2002, IIT Chennai, India.
  • K.N. Krishnan, Risks associated with modifying vehicles, Police fleet safety Symposium, Melbourne, Victoria Police, November 2001.
  • Osborne G, Krishnan K N and Brown I Friction Stir Welding of aluminium alloys 6061, WTIA 49th Annual Conference Adelaide, paper 21 October 2001.
  • K.N. Krishnan, 'Effect of heat treatment state and welding parameters on the welding characteristics of Friction Stir Welded Aluminium Alloys', International Welding
  • Conference, 2001, New Delhi, 15-17, Feb., 2001.

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A/Prof Krishnan Kannoorpatti


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