My CDU experience

For the majority of the population a holiday is planned for relaxing, to some it’s for a thrill-seeking adventure, but for a rare bunch it sparks the beginning of life-changing journey that will affect their career for the rest of their lives.

Take Charles Darwin University graduate Le Bai, who decided to take a trip around Europe in 2007 to experience what the world, outside of his native home China, had to offer.

It was on this journey he experienced the beauty of Switzerland’s nature featuring snowy mountains and stunning landscapes.

In an unlikely twist to his holiday plans, it was this lush backdrop that saw him throw in the towel as a cook in a Melbourne restaurant to study at university.

“After being inspired by the environment in Europe, it made me feel like I had this responsibility to protect and preserve it, but I didn’t know how I could do that,” Le said.

“After I arrived home, I was looking online to see what I could study for my job in hospitality and I found CDU’s Bachelor of Environmental Science Degree.

“I was so happy I found an area I could study about the environment because I am so passionate about it.

“My favourite part of studying the Bachelors degree was CDU giving me the opportunity to spend some time at Northern Arizona University in the United States. The University was only one hour from Grand Canyon, right up in the mountains.

“It was amazing to experience another environment on the other side of the world, in such a small place, there were only around 65000 people living there.”

After finishing his degree, Le decided to continue studying by completing his Honours in the same field.

“For my Honours I focused on coastal ecology in the area of mangroves, but from a different perspective.

“I researched how much carbon they stored, which was really interesting, it was a very intensive one year experience.

“I would recommend to anyone who in interested in environmental science to complete their honours as well, CDU helps you become an active researcher, it really opened the doors for me.