Access and Inclusion

Woman with glasses and a white cane standing with a man, man in a wheelchair being and two other people standing waving

Access and Inclusion coordinates services and support to assist students with a disability and/or health condition. The way that we do this is by working with you to put in place reasonable adjustments to allow equal access and participation in university life.

You may register for support at any time if your studies are impacted by:

  • Disability
  • Medical and/or mental health condition
  • are the primary carer of someone with a disability or ongoing health condition

What we do

Access and Inclusion will work with you and the relevant staff to make adjustments to your studies. These adjustments are detailed in your Access Plan. You can reach out to us at any point in your studies.

Your Access may include:

  • adjustments to your study conditions e.g. more time in exams
  • course materials in other formats
  • assistive technology

How to register

  1. Complete our registration form
  2. Have your relevant Health Professional fill out our Support form
  3. Send your documentation through to and we will contact you to arrange support
Contact Us
Make an appointment to speak with an Access and Inclusion Advisor