Ethics matters – An Introduction

Obtaining ethics approval is a significant milestone in any research progression and indicates that the applicant has reflected on and put well considered thought into their application. 

Crafting an effective ethics application is a skill that encourages the transfer of research aims and objectives into a clearly written document that finds a balance between (i) addressing the requirements of the National Statement on Ethical Conduct on Human Research and (ii) allowing sufficient freedom for adaptation and evolution of research findings.  

This session aims to:

  • Explore why ethics matters
  • Discuss how  moral questions help shape professional behaviours in research
  • Examine the meaning of research integrity

Who is it for: HDR students beginning their candidature and/or those who are closer to seeking ethics approval

Maximum numbers: Unlimited

Presenter:  Bev Turnbull, Chair HREC 

Bev is the new Chair of the CDU Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC). Bev is an experienced academic at CDU and has a long history of engagement in human ethics within the University. Bev has chaired the EHSE Faculty Ethics Committee since 2008 and been a valuable member of the CDU HREC since 2007.