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Broaden your employment opportunities through a CDU Master of Digital Learning Futures

Presenter CDU Global
Contact person
CDU Global Team
Location Online
Open to Agents (International), Future students (International), High school counsellors (International), Partners (International)
Digital learning future

Advancements and innovations with digital technology are not stopping now! The Master of Digital Learning Futures can help you get ready for the next wave of a global transformation. This innovative, industry-relevant program investigates the dynamics of the digital era. What new 'smarts' are on the horizon and what skills are needed to engage effectively within the digital paradigm? How might we learn next? How might we teach? 

The Master of Digital Learning Futures is an interdisciplinary course that probes the possibilities of digital media and how it can optimise learning. 


  • Cheryl Brennan, Regional Marketing Manager, CDU Global 
  • Girish Iyer, Regional Marketing Manager, CDU Global 
  • Dr. Jon Mason, College of Education 

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