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Create new knowledge through a CDU Higher Degree by Research

Presenter CDU Global
Contact person
CDU Global Team
Location Online
Open to Agents (International), Future students (International), High school counsellors (International), Partners (International)
Create new knowledge through CDU Higher Degree by Research

Do you have a great idea and would like to know where you can do your research degree? In this webinar, learn from CDU professors and lectures on what topics we’re researching at CDU. This webinar will also look at HDR projects, admissions requirements, the application process, scholarships, and support. 


  • Cheryl Brennan, Regional Marketing Manager, CDU Global 
  • Girish Iyer, Regional Marketing Manager, CDU Global 
  •  Elizabeth Bird, Manager – Research
  • Prof. Suresh N. Thennadil  –  Director, Energy and Resources Institute, College of Engineering, IT & Environment 
  • Sami Azam Ph.D - Coordinator – Information Technology (Undergraduate) Senior Lecturer, Biomedical Research
  • Assoc. Prof. Kannoorpatti Krishnan – EIE Engineering
  • Steven Greenland - Professor in Marketing, Assistant Dean Research & Chair of Business

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