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CDU event

Landscape knowledge visualisation

with Rohan Fisher
Presenter Rohan Fisher, Researcher at Northern Institute
Contact person
Northern Institute
T: 08 8946 7468 E:
Location Live in the Savanna Room (Casuarina Campus, Yellow Building 1, Level 2, Room 48) or online via Zoom
Open to CDU staff and students, Public


Rohan Fisher

Landscape knowledge visualisation: Innovations in 4D simulation and gamification of complex systems


This seminar describes the use of projection augmented landscape technology to bring spatial data and local knowledge together in a way that facilitates two-way learning about the environment, science, and culture in diverse, cross-cultural, cross-linguistic contexts around the world.

The approach uses simulation ‘games’ of landscape processes projected onto 3D printed landscapes. The projection augmented landscapes look spectacular, like an animated hologram of country; they are multi-sensory and interactive, pulling people in to learn and teach by providing a stage to share local stories from the land.

Key to this approach is making the digital physical, creating tactile embodied learning and sharing spaces. Creating a 3D terrain surface to display landscape knowledge and landscape simulations helps with understanding our place in the landscape and the topographic effects on landscape processes. The technology is simple to set up and has been used to support workshops with traditional owners across northern Australia, Central Africa and Latin America.

The seminar will describe underpinning concepts, current work and future directions.

Experience the 4D models live in the Savanna Room.

Limited Seating Available – RSVP to to attend in person.

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