Oracle FAQ

Oracle Financials (elVIS) - General Questions

What is the web address for Oracle Financials (elVIS)?
The web address for production.

What are the contact details for Oracle?
Oracle Financials (elVIS) helpdesk: telephone: 08 8946 6039 or email:

I have forgotten my password or it won't work and I get an error message, what can I do?
This message indicates that you are using either the incorrect username or password. Your username is your first initial followed by your last name up to a total of 8 characters. To have your password reset, please contact the Finance HelpDesk on 8946 6039

What are the instructions on first logging into Oracle Financials - loading of the Java applet (JRE)?
Follow the instructions on this document Accessing Oracle Financials (elVIS) with Java(JRE) (402kb .pdf)

I am getting errors in Oracle (elVIS) and I have been told to clear my Browser Cache - how do I do this?
Clear browser cache (pdf 382kb).

What are some of the quick keyboard keys available in Oracle (elVIS)?

  • Shift+F5 in a field will duplicate the field above it. Handy to use when doing a requisition where many lines are similar.
  • Shift+F6 will duplicate the entire record from the line above it.
  • Ctrl+L will show the list of values (LOV).
  • Ctrl+S will Save.

I will be absent and need someone else to process my notifications, how do I set Vacation Rules?
Setting vacation rules (pdf 105kb).

Can I export information from Oracle to Excel?
Data exporting (pdf 45kb) instructions with screen dumps as a PDF document (46kb).

I need to print reports. How do I get a printer added to the printer options?
Contact the Oracle Financials (elVIS) helpdesk via email or on 8946 6039 with details of the type of printer along with the printer's IP address.
To obtain the IP address, print a copy of the configuration of the printer.
If you are unsure of how to do this contact the helpdesk.

Oracle Financials - Requisitions

How do I setup preferences when creating a requisition so I don't have to keep typing the same data in on each line?
Setting Requisition Preferences (pdf 286kb).

How do I fill in more than 5 lines in a Requisition?
Use the arrow down key on your keyboard. Alternatively click on the New Record icon on the tool bar.

How do I create a Foreign Currency Requisition?
Foreign Currency Requisition (pdf 31kb).

My Requisition is in process and my Approver is away, how do I send my requisition to another approver?
Forwarding Requisition (pdf 57kb) instructions with screen dumps as a PDF document (58kb).

Who is my buyer?
Check with your area or the Oracle Financials (elVIS) helpdesk. If you do not have a buyer in your area, your buyer will be a Purchasing Officer from the Procurement Office. Information is available on the procurement web page.

I have an "INCOMPLETE" requisition What does this mean?
An 'INCOMPLETE' requisition is one that has not been finished and/or sent through the Approval Cycle.
The status will not change until the requisition is opened, completed and submitted for Approval.

How can I delete an "INCOMPLETE" requisition?
To delete an 'incomplete' requisition. Bring up the requisition via Requisition Inquiry, click on the Open button, then click on the delete icon which has a red cross on it .
You will be asked to confirm 'Delete this Record' , click Yes, then Save. Or on the menu bar click Edit > Delete. Confirm 'Delete this Record' then Save.

Oracle Financials - Purchase Orders

How do I create a Foreign Currency Purchase Order?
Autocreate Foreign Currency PO (pdf 22kb).

How do I print a Purchase Order?
Printing a Purchase Order (pdf 109kb).

Can I email myself a copy of the Purchase Order?
Email Purchase Order to Self (pdf 110kb).

How do I receipt a standard Purchase Order?
Receipting (pdf 88.4kb).

How to I receipt a Service Order Purchase Order?
Receipting a Service Purchase Order (pdf 159kb).

Oracle Financials - General Ledger

What are the names of the Ledger Reports?
Description and Sample Ledger Reports (pdf 54kb).

How do I run a Ledger Report?
Running a General Ledger Report (pdf 170kb).

What is a FSG Report? Do I need to run an FSG?

I need to know how much money is in my account. How do I do a funds check?
Funds Available on Appropriation Accounts (pdf 63kb).
Funds Available on Restricted Accounts (pdf 62kb).

Promaster (Expense Management System)

I have forgotten my password, who can reset it?
Contact the Finance Help Desk, via email: or phone 8946 6039.

What is the web address for Promaster?
Promaster - ensure you have authenticated on the website first.

OneStop Cashiering system

I have forgotten my password, who can reset it?
Contact the Finance Help Desk, via email: or phone 8946 6039.

What is the web address for Installing Onestop?
Onestop - ensure you have authenticated on the website first.