Finalise your travel

Finalise your travel

Finalise your travelOn the return from your trip the travel expenses and travel diary need to be finalised.  Claims are to be done within 14 days of return.

It is the traveller's responsibility to reconcile the pre-approval with reality on return.  All receipts are to be submitted to your Travel Coordinator and Cardholders are to complete their expense report.  All travel of more than 6 nights require a Travel Diary be completed.

Did your trip change?

If your trip was amended due to flight changes or meeting cancellations you must notify your approving officer and amend the original documentation.

Did your trip get cancelled?

If your trip was cancelled due to any reason your approving officer must be notified and the original documentation cancelled.  In some cases, depending on cancelation policy, the University may still be required to cover some of the costs.

For further details please contact the Travel Officer:

T: 08 8946 6258

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To finalise any expenses following your travel, be sure to complete any required Finance System and Corporate Purchasing Card System training.

The University's Travel Diary must be completed by all staff undertaking University funded travel for all travel periods of six or more nights (for travel both within Australia, New Zealand or overseas).

These are the only acceptable means of substantiating the business nature of a trip.

Overseas or domestic, including New Zealand, travel of less than 6 nights does not require a travel diary.

Note: Before proceeding with any overseas travel arrangements, you must obtain approval in accordance with Travel on Official University Business Process.

The Travel Diary can be obtained from this site or by contacting Procurement Services, Purchasing and Travel Officer on extension 6528 or by email at


  • Your diary must record each business activity you undertake while you are travelling (e.g. lecturing, presenting, teaching, fieldwork, research, conference, etc.).
  • The travel diary must show for each business activity.
    • The date the entry was made.
    • The place where the activity was undertaken.
    • The date and approximate time when the activity commenced and the duration of the activity.
  • Each Travel Activities and Travel Expenses Diary must be signed and dated by the traveller.
  • The completed and authorised Travel Diary must be retained by the Cost Centre with a copy of the Movement Requisition.  

Refer to the ATO website "Keeping Travel Expense Records" for individuals.

When finalising staff travel, make sure you've completed any necessary cash acquittals.

Staff can apply for reimbursement of travel expenses that weren't able to be paid for with a Corporate P-Card or are additional to the expenses proposed on the Movement Request.

To request a reimbursement, provide the tax invoices and completed reimbursement form.