Plan your travel

Plan your travel

Staff undertaking approved University travel are required to carefully plan the mode of travel and travel payment mechanism prior to requesting pre-approval.  What is the mode of travel: air, fleet vehicle, personal vehicle, bus or public transport?  Where am I going to sleep: hotel, hostel, on-campus accommodation, family and friends or camping?

The topics below can assist to plan your travel, remembering that pre-approval must be received before any bookings can proceed.

Students undertaking approved University travel for the purpose of, but not limited to: placements, work experience, practicums, research, conferences, study exchange and group tours are required to arrange travel through the University Travel Coordinators.  Please contact your relevant Faculty/School/Administration/Institute staff for more details and to gain further details.  Students must follow University processes in order to be reimbursed for travel related costs.

For further details, please contact the Travel Officer:

T: 08 8946 6258

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How do I make arrangements for accommodation?

Accommodation arrangements should be made via our Travel Management Company (TMC) using the Campus Travel Online System or by contacting our consultants direct.

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Campus Travel Darwin
Anna Kronk

Campus Travel Brisbane
Head Office
275 Grey Street
South Brisbane, QLD, 4101
Phone: (07) 3083 0266

For assistance with the Serko On Line Booking Tool: contact our consultants or our Account Manager, Joanne McNamee.

Do we have preferred hotel arrangements?

Campus Travel has recently undertaken on the University's behalf a tender based on guaranteed volumes and established a new CDU Hotel Directory.

This can be accessed from the link above or from within the Campus Travel Online System. 

NOTE: The special rates listed on the Hotel Directory are, of course, depending on availability in that price range.

If you have any queries don't hesitate to contact Campus Travel.

Can I book into other hotels?

Yes, Campus Travel Online System allows you to search for specific hotels. 

As long as the booking is created in the Online System or by contacting our consultants direct you can customise a booking.  

However, the savings to the University are not guaranteed.

If I find a cheaper rate on the web can I book it direct ?

No, all accommodation bookings are to be captured in our Campus Travel Online System due to our Corporate Agreements. 

If you find a better rate, please contact our consultants and advise of the variance where possible they will match the rate under the value pledge.

Camping Allowance is paid to staff in remote locations who do not have proper accommodation facilities available. Refer to Travel Policy and Travel on University Business Procedures

Camping allowance information sheet (PDF 50KB)


Where an employee, in the course of employment, is required to camp out overnight using makeshift accommodation such as a swag or tent.

Camping Allowance is not payable during any period of leave, whether paid or unpaid.

Rate: $104.00 per night.
Rates as extracted from the (OCPE) Determination 1 of 2015.

Camping Allowance to be listed on "Movement Request for Domestic University Travel" under "Other" category.

Travel Allowance is only paid to employees that do not hold a University P-Card. Refer to the Travel Policy and the Travel on University Procedures.

Payment of meal expenses is in accordance with the following University travel departure and return times:

  • Breakfast - the traveller departs earlier than 7:00am or returns later that 7:00am
  • Lunch - the traveller departs earlier than 1:30pm or returns later than 1:30pm
  • Dinner - the traveller departs earlier than 7:00pm or returns later than 7:00pm

Travel Allowance is not a staff entitlement, the allowance should be calculated in order to cover all out of pocket costs related to University Travel.  Travel Allowance will not be paid where meals are provided/included in the event cost, such as at conferences, workshops, seminars or during flights.  Additionally, a request for Travel Allowance must not exceed thirty (30) days, regardless of whether the staff member is away for more than thirty (30) days.

How much travel allowance is payable for travel?

Travel Allowance rates are published annually by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) under Taxation Determination TD2015/14 for the 2015/2016 Financial Year.

The travel allowance calculator below show the maximum amount that can be claimed and areas are encouraged to discuss an acceptable rate with the employee that suits the division budget and the travel location.

Incidentals - All areas


Meals --




Capital cities and high cost centres





Tier 2 and Other Country Centres





All salary ranges are included on the one spread sheet with background look up tables to the ATO Determination TD 2015/14

How do I complete the Travel Allowance calculator?

The TA Calculator is very easy to use, each field has a drop down box and by working sequentially down the form the field choices become apparent.

Start by entering the Name, Salary Range (drop down) and Movement Request Number

How do I complete the Travel Allowance calculator? enter the first day of travel

Type gives you a choice of Domestic,  International or *Other  -  *Other is for regional/remote towns or communities not listed in the drop down list eg "Borroloola".

Region gives you a choice of Domestic States, or International Regions -  When Other is selected 'Type the drop down box simply advises that the destination must be written on your Movement Request.

Destination gives you the actual town, please note if the town does not appear you may need to reselect the 'Type' to other.

Then you simply enter the number of days for each destination and select either Yes/No in the relevant areas related to the Meal Guideline.

A request for Travel Allowance is to be included on the Movement Request form prior to seeking approval from the Approving Delegate.

If you have difficulties completing the T/A Calculator please contact the Travel Officer in the Office of Strategic Procurement Services on 8946 6258 for further assistance.

The following is an "Example only" for reference purposes only.

travel allowance example

What if I need to use my private vehicle while conducting business in the line of my employment with the Charles Darwin University?

Prior to using your vehicle while undertaking your duties for the University you should have submitted a completed and approved -

NOTE: Ensure the 'Indemnity' section on the Application to Use Private Vehicle for University Business (DOCX 581KB) form is signed and witnessed.

When using your own private vehicle on university business a Private Vehicle Running Sheet (DOCX 338KB) should be completed.

Without all of the above, reimbursement/claim for a vehicle allowance will not be processed.

What can happen if my vehicle is not insured for use on University business?

In the event that anything happens to your vehicle while using it for University business, if it is not covered for such usage you will be unable to make a claim against your insurers and you will also be unable to make a claim against the university.

How do I arrange for my vehicle to be covered by such insurance?

You will need to contact your insurance company.

If it is likely to be just a 'one-off' occasion that you will use your vehicle, they may provide you with a cover note and you may not be required to pay extra for such cover.

However, if it is likely to be on a regular basis you will be required to add it to your current insurance cover for which you may have to pay extra.

Am I entitled to claim a vehicle allowance if I use my vehicle for university business?

Yes you are, provided you have complied with the University's Travel on University Business Procedures and the Travel Policy on private vehicle usage.

How do I complete the Private Vehicle Mileage Claim?

The Private Vehicle Mileage Allowance Calculator (XLSX 50KB) calculates the payment automatically.

How do I complete the Private Vehicle Mileage Allowance Calculator? 

  • Enter all the fields on the top section of the form; then
  • Enter the 'Travel Dates' for the period of usage of the private vehicle
  • Specify 'Depart From' and 'Arrive At' information
  • Enter total kilometres travelled.
  • Once all the fields are populated the 'Total Claim' will be calculated based on the ATO cents per kilometer 2015/2016 financial year.

Please refer to 'Example Only' below for reference.

Can I request the corporate rate for personal use for accommodation, car hire, travel or Qantas Club?

Yes, all sales representatives from the various companies within the travel and hospitality industry, have made it very clear to this office that our staff are welcome to request the corporate rate for personal use and that this is generally agreed to on the provision of proof of employment at the Charles Darwin University.

Thrifty advise that if staff wish to make hire car bookings they should quote CD#4908004011 when making the booking either by phone 08 8924 0000 or on the internet.

If making a booking by phone you will need to quote the rate code of CDUNS in order to access their excellent rates.

This offer is strictly limited to staff members.

For more information please contact the Travel Officer:
T: 08 8946 6258.

Can I purchase my own travel insurance?

Please see Travel Insurance.

How do we make the most of our frequent flyer points?

As a basic principle frequent flyer points that are collected undertaking business travel should be used for future Business travel purposes. Most airlines now offer frequent flyer programs and many staff may hold memberships across more than one airline. The choice of airline should not be made based and frequent flyer status, all fares should be the most logical best fare of the day within CDU Travel Procedures.

If staff wish to utilise frequent flyer points to upgrade during a flight they should advise their travel coordinator to purchase an upgradable ticket, such as a fully flexible. This is a more economical option than the cost of a Business Class airfare if Business Class travel is not included in your employment conditions.

As University staff, can I become a Qantas Club member?

Yes, through the University's Contract for Air Travel you may access heavily discounted membership rates for you and your spouse.

Contact the Travel Officer ( to obtain details on how to join under the University Corporate Scheme.

The University may only cover this cost in cases where it has been negotiated as part of a staff member's employment package.

If you are unsure on this please contact the Office of Human Resource Services for details on remuneration entitlements.

Who are our contracted hire car agents?

Reservations for car hire must be made via Campus Travel by your designated Travel Coordinator.

NOTE: only book a hire vehicle after ensuring a CDU Fleet Vehicle is not available as your first option.

Through our relationship with the Australian University Procurement Network (AUPN) we have contracted rates with Thrifty that allow third party drivers to collect a vehicle that is linked back to a department's Corporate Discount Number (CD#).

When arranging bookings through Campus Travel you are required to quote a CD# and ensure the linked Corporate Purchasing Card holder is advised.  Each area of the University should have a unique CD# which advises Thrifty what discounted rate to apply and which University Purchasing Card (P-Card) to charge.

Staff are NOT to email, telephone or fax corporate purchasing card details direct to a car hire agency under any circumstances.

NOTE: Hire cars need to be adequately insured through the hire company as they are not covered by University insurance.  There are strict conditions and limitations on the use of rental four-wheel drives and these conditions must be observed and complied with.  Non-compliance will void any damage liability coverage.

For more information, or if you are unsure of what your CD# is, please contact the Travel Officer via email at or telephone on 08 8946 6258.

We also receive NT Government rates via our Serko Online Booking Tool for vehicles with Avis and Hertz.  Ensure you book a vehicle that suits your needs at the 'Best Available Price' on the day.

To access special rates for personal care hire refer to Personal Travel on our Travel Webpage, under Plan Your Travel.

Do I need to arrange for travel insurance for myself when travelling on duty, conference travel or professional development?

All Charles Darwin University staff are covered under the University's Insurance Policy for approved travel.

To find out more about this insurance contact the Treasury and Compliance Accountant on 8946 6078.

There are procedures and a policy to be adhered to - particularly for international travel and these can be found within the Travel on University Business Procedures (149) and Travel Policy (63KB).

If you did not have an approved movement requisition prior to undertaking travel you may not be entitled to claim on travel insurance and workers compensation provisions may not be available to you.

Our travel agents are aware of the Charles Darwin University's Travel Insurance Policy.

The university has travel insurance in place for staff travel that meets their criteria.

Please refer to the university's travel policy.

Any additional travel insurance purchased independently will be at your own expense and not reimbursed.

Review the process for fieldwork travel.

The University has several Airline Agreements that provide our travellers with added value, the discounts are only available if booked via our Travel Management Company (TMC) and are linked to the reporting that only a TMC can provide.

Charles Darwin University rates cannot be obtained by simply accessing the corporate websites, any tickets purchased direct on airline websites are charged at public rates.

QantasQantas - The Qantas Joint Corporate Airfare Agreement via the National University Agreement provides exceptional savings both nationally and internationally based on published airfares across booking class (excluding special deals).  This agreement also carries forward to some Emirates flights.
Virgin AustraliaVirgin Australia - The Virgin Australia Corporate Air Travel Service Agreement includes partner airlines such as Delta Airlines, Air New Zealand and Etihad Airways.  The agreement provides discounts across booking classes (excluding special deals).
Silk Air

Singapore Airlines / Silk -The Corporate Travel Program between Singapore Airlines Limited and the University provides attractive discounts across all cabin classes.

Malaysian AirlinesMalaysia Airlines - The Corporate Airline Agreement provides options of sale discounts across all booking classes.