Travel pre-approval

Travel pre-approval

All travel on University business requires pre-approval for staff, students, consultants and volunteers if the University is funding all or some of the costs, including reimbursements. Travel pre-approval also ensures that travellers are covered by University Insurance during the departure and return dates. Travel undertaken that has not been pre-approved may be considered personal and may not be reimbursed.

Please note: For some months volcanic activity in Indonesia has frequently disrupted travel into and out of Denpassar International Airport (Bali) which results in the cancellation or disruption of many flights to and from Bali. 

During these times staff members proposing to travel to Bali on University business should be counselled to reconsider non-essential/elective travel with the view of deferring or postponing until a safer time.

Staff members who make a case for approved travel to/through Bali should be asked to consider what implications there may be on their work or family commitments if they are delayed in returning to Australia due to the cancellation of homeward flights.

For further details please contact the Travel Officer:

T: 08 8946 6258

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Am I required to submit a movement requisition prior to travel and who should complete this?

It is essential that all staff, prior to undertaking any travel outside of 50kms from the campus at which you are based, complete a Movement Request for Domestic University Travel form (Movement Request for Domestic University Travel or Movement Request for International University Travel). NOTE: In the 'Outer Darwin' area this includes day trips to Territory Wildlife Park and any off-road activity around Berry Springs, Humpty Doo etc.

Once completed, the Movement Request along with all backing documentation should be forwarded to your team Administration Assistant or Customer Service Officer, so that it can be submitted for approval. Should you be unable to access or print out the Movement Request, contact the Travel Officer, Office of Strategic Procurement Services on 08 8946 6258 or email at

For assistance in completing these forms please refer to the Travel Policy and Travel on University Business Procedures located on the University Governance site.

Once the Movement Request has been Approved and the travel booking finalised, your Movement Request is to be forwarded to the Travel Officer for filing (this applies to all Movements Requests, for both domestic and international regardless of whether there is a claim for travel allowance).

What happens if I don't submit a movement requisition?

If a Movement Requisition for official travel has not been completed and approved by the appropriate Approving Delegate, the travel will be deemed to be unauthorised (refer to Travel Policy and Procedure documents above).

Once completed, a copy of the movement requisition should be forwarded to the Travel Officer (Procurement Branch) for filing (regardless of whether there is a claim for travel allowance).

Before you book any international travel, ensure you check travel advice from Smart Traveller.

The four levels of advice are follows:

  • Exercise normal safety precautions
  • Exercise a high degree of caution
  • Reconsider your need to travel
  • Do not travel.
Staff are required to check the latest travel advice issued for the country or countries they intend to visit. If the Travel Advice is to "Reconsider your need to travel" to that country or particular region within that country then staff are to seek special approval from the Vice-Chancellor to continue with the associated travel. If the travel advice is “Do not travel” University staff are to cancel or defer the travel until the situation improves.

Staff need to ensure that all expected expenses are entered through Oracle iExpenses before booking your travel.

Prior to travel you should make sure you've applied for any necessary cash advances.

To obtain a cash advance, the applicant must prepare a written request, detailing the need and justification to his/her faculty dean or non-teaching executive for authorisation.

For full details see cash advances and acquittals.

Staff members who travel regularly, may be issued a Corporate Purchasing Card with the approval of the relevant Senior Executive.

Cardholders must comply with the Corporate Purchasing Card Policy and Corporate Purchasing Card Procedures and ensure the expenses are acquitted in a timely fashion via the expense management system iExpenses.

See full details on corporate purchasing card information and forms.