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Exchange and Study Abroad

Interested in studying at CDU for a semester or two?

You could participate in CDU's International Exchange Program or choose the Study Abroad option. Exchange students remain enrolled in and pay fees to their home university however Study Abroad students enrol at CDU as a fee-paying student.

What do current CDU exchange students have to say about studying in Darwin?

ABC interview

International nursing student, Van Rentuza, and two of our recently arrived exchange students Hope Doerner from Marburg University, Germany and Oskar Wagell from Karlstad University, Sweden spoke ABC Darwin radio about studying in Darwin.

Partner universities

CDU's inbound exchange program offers great opportunities for international students to study and explore Australia's Top End. We have in place student exchange arrangements with universities worldwide – check out our exchange partner institutions to see if your university is one of them.

If your home university has an exchange agreement in place with CDU you can come to Darwin on exchange for one or two semesters at a time. Exchange is great because it means you can take advantage of streamlined application processes and continue your studies without interruption - but in another part of the world!

Not from a partner university?

If your university is not a CDU partner but you still want to come here for study, no problem, you can arrange placement through our study abroad option!

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What students are saying...

Jelena Runjaic

Jelena Runjaic, Environmental Science, University of Southern California

quotation marks imageIf I had to use three words to sum up my experience here at CDU and in Darwin they would be fun, multicultural, and wonderful...

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