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Exchange or Study Abroad

Jonkoping International Business School

We're proud to be affiliated with Jonkoping International Business School in Sweden. JIBS has been awarded EQUIS accreditation which recognises high quality of management education with special focus on internationalisation, interaction with the corporate world and sustainability. Congratulations JIBS! If you're studying business, why not consider a student exchange placement for one semester to our award-winning partner?

Interested in studying overseas for a semester or two?

You could participate in CDU's International Exchange Program or choose the Study Abroad option. The difference between these two programs is:

  • as a CDU Exchange student you pay your normal CDU tuition fees and remain enrolled as a CDU student
  • as a Study Abroad student you pay fees to the host university and do not remain enrolled at CDU for the duration of your studies abroad.

Exchange Program

The benefits of a student exchange experience are many. From enhancing the value of your CDU degree, increasing employment prospects, building global networks and developing cross-cultural understanding to gaining greater confidence in your abilities and most importantly – having fun!

All this can be achieved with the support of Australian Government funding ($5000 scholarships) for study in selected countries as well as other government study allowances (Austudy or Youth Allowance) or payments that you would normally be entitled to.

During exchange, students stay enrolled with and pay fees to CDU instead of to the host university. This allows CDU students the option of choosing the Higher Education Loan Program (HELP) to cover outstanding fees.

When on exchange, you are acting as an ambassador for Charles Darwin University. In this context, you are expected to maintain the highest standards of academic achievement and personal conduct while representing the University and the Northern Territory.

There is also an expectation that you will participate in exchange-related activities at CDU and the host university to encourage other students to take up the exchange challenge.

Study Abroad

Keen to study internationally, but the university you've chosen isn't one of CDU's partner institutions? No problem, you can apply to any university in the world.

Study Abroad is a global academic program for students who seek to complete one or two semesters of study at a university with whom CDU does not have an agreement in place.

As a Study Abroad student you pay fees to the host university and do not remain enrolled at CDU for the duration of your studies abroad. You also need to obtain approval from CDU to transfer credit to your CDU degree for studies undertaken at the host university.

Frequently Asked Questions

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You can study virtually anything, provided that you have had your unit choices approved by your CDU course coordinator prior to departure. This ensures that the units you have selected will count toward your CDU program when you return.

Some universities specialise in particular areas, you should research the universities that you are considering to find out which one suits your area of study. You also need to confirm whether the units that you are interested in are being taught in English in the Semester that you wish to study overseas.

As a guide, it is easier to apply for credit for elective units, rather than core or specialist units. If you do wish to equate a core or specialist unit you will need to print out all the documentation and take it to your course coordinator to prove the equivalency of the unit to the one being offered at CDU.

If you are applying for an exchange place with one of our partner institutions, you need to remain enrolled at CDU and must submit an enrolment form with HELP and other liabilities arranged or paid before your departure.

As an exchange student you will remain enrolled and pay your fees to CDU. If you normally access the Higher Education Loan Program (HELP) to pay your fees, you can continue to do that whilst on exchange.

As a study abroad student you pay fees to the host university and do not remain enrolled at CDU for the duration of your studies abroad.

You may be required to take out insurance in the form of overseas student health cover to satisfy the student visa requirements of the country that you will be going to.

The student visa application fee will vary depending on which country you are going to and must be paid at the time your application is lodged. The fee is generally not refunded if your application is unsuccessful.

Accommodation costs will vary depending on which country you are living in, and whether you choose to live on or off campus. Browse through the website of your preferred university to find out more about the accommodation options recommend.

Like accommodation costs, living allowances will vary greatly depending on which country you are living in. In addition to living expenses many students choose to include funds for additional travel and sight seeing whilst they are abroad.

If you are the recipient of a study allowance from Centrelink you are normally eligible to continue to receive that benefit even whilst you are studying overseas as part of the Study Abroad and Exchange program.

You should contact Centrelink for further information.

Make sure you read and subscribe to the Australian Government’s travel advice for your destination.  You can also see the Smartraveller Studying Overseas page for more tips to prepare for your time abroad.


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Scholarships and Exchanges
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