Graduation process

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To expedite your graduation process, please complete the Nomination to Graduate eForm once you have completed your course requirements.

Alternative exits are available from some courses for students who discontinue study prior to completing the full course requirements. 

To be eligible, specific conditions and requirements must be met and students must apply within 12 months of discontinuing study.

Important information and guidelines

  1. Alternative Exit Awards are available to students who do not wish to continue studies in their current course but are seeking to graduate with an award, normally at a lower level, and at a higher level if they meet the entry requirements for that course. The alternative exit must be within the same Field of Education course group.
  2. Alternative Exit Awards are not available to students who wish to exit with an award that has been superseded by another award.
  3. Students seeking an Alternative Exit Award will be discontinued, and cannot continue studies in the higher award. They may seek readmission to the course after a period of one academic year. Entry is not automatic, and is subject to admission requirements and course quotas relevant to the future admission period. Students must be admitted to the newest course version.
  4. Students seeking an Alternative Exit Award must have a current, enrolled or intermitted course status, or have been inactive for no longer than 12 months from the time they have last been enrolled.
  5. All other students are not eligible. There is no alternative exit award process for VET students as they must be enrolled in the National Qualification they seek to graduate from.
  6. Students in non-award courses may not apply to seek an Alternative Exit Award from an award course. These students must apply for admission and complete required units within the course to receive the award.
  7. Students enrolled in a combined degree wishing to take out part of the combined degree are not considered as alternative exit awards (as per HESA 2003).
  8. Students may submit requests for Alternative Exit Awards by the deadline as advertised by the University (31 March for the relevant May Graduation, or 31 August for the relevant October Graduation)
  9. Requests for exit awards must be submitted to Student Services for approval by the relevant dean or delegate.

Completing all the requirements

It is your responsibility as a student to ensure you have completed all the requirements for your course before you are eligible to graduate.
This may mean ensuring all exemptions or any Recognition of Prior Learning applications have been processed by your faculty for the course you are completing.
This process does not happen automatically; you need to apply for exemption by completing an Application for Exemption, Recognition of Prior Learning and Credit Transfer form.
If results are outstanding you must ensure these are completed in the semester before you graduate.
For example, students who graduate in May will usually have completed all the requirements for their course by December of the previous year.
Those graduating in October will have completed the requirements in June of the same year.
To enable this process to be completed efficiently you are invited to complete the Nomination to Graduate eForm.

Guest Tickets

Students who elect to attend the ceremony will be able to request guest tickets for family and friends.
Children over two years of age will require an individual ticket.
Tickets will be sent out about three weeks before the ceremony.
There is no charge for guest tickets and the seating is unallocated. Graduands do not require guest tickets and have allocated seating as per the order they cross the stage.

Darwin ceremonies

GFP Graduations are contracted by CDU to take photographs during the graduation ceremonies held in Darwin, and have studios available before and after each ceremony for portraits.

If you are eligible to graduate in the upcoming graduation ceremonies you can pre-book your photography package at GFP Graduations.


Previous Darwin ceremonies:

Available from Four22 Images - galleries. The photographer, Baz Ledwidge, can be contacted on 8941 0444 or email


Adelaide ceremonies

Graduation photos from the June ceremony in Adelaide are available at GFP Graduations.

Alice Springs ceremonies

Graduation photos from the June ceremony in Alice Springs can be purchased online by going to Four22 Images - galleries - Alice Springs CDU graduations. The photographer, Baz Ledwidge, can be contacted on 8941 0444 or email

Students participating in the ceremony are required to wear academic dress and this incurs a fee.

Go to Academic Dress for more information.

The certificate or testamur is produced for the Graduation Ceremony and will be presented to you on the day/night if you are attending or sent out by registered mail two weeks after the ceremony date if you are not attending. You can also collect your testamur from the Student Central at the Information Centre in the week after the ceremony.

On collection from Student Central you will be asked for identification such as a drivers license, and to sign for collection. If you are collecting on someone's behalf you will need a letter from that person authorising you to collect their testamur.

If there are any errors on the testamur please contact graduation staff as soon as possible after the ceremony or contact the Information Centre to organise a replacement.

The ceremony commences with the arrival of the Academic Procession. Graduands and guests are expected to stand for the procession and the singing of the National Anthem. The assembly is then seated before the Chancellor opens the proceedings.

Graduands will be seated in strict faculty, course and name order. Graduands will be called out row by row and ushered to the designated assembly area. As graduands are not allowed to have anything in their hands as they cross the stage, please ensure you give all bags, graduation booklets etc to your guests for safekeeping prior to taking your seat.

Ushers will check that you are still in the correct name order and will then call you individually to a waiting position ready to go on stage.

The Procession Marshall will signal for you to cross the floor at the correct time. When the Pro Vice-Chancellor reads out your name you will walk across to the Chancellor. You must acknowledge the Chancellor in one of the following ways:

  1. lift your trencher/bonnet and then replace it on your head
  2. touch the left hand side or your trencher/bonnet with you left hand
  3. if you are not wearing a trencher/bonnet, a clear nod of the head is sufficient.

You will then shake the Chancellor's hand and proceed as per the Usher's directions and return to your seat. Please note that you might not be returned to your original seat.

Once seated, please examine your testamur for accuracy. In the event of an error contact one of the graduation staff after the ceremony so that a replacement may be prepared for you.

The following are things that you can do to help you with graduation and ensure the ceremony runs smoothly:

  • Return all paperwork promptly and by the due date. Late acceptances to attend the ceremony will hinder ticketing and may mean that you cannot be seated with your peers
  • ensure that we have your correct mailing address
  • ensure that we have your name correct and in the correct format, the name that appears on your invitation is what will appear on your testamur
  • let us know, even at the last minute, if you are unable to attend. This will assist us with the smooth running of the ceremonies
  • ensure that you arrive early and register at least an hour and a half prior to the commencement of the ceremony
  • remain in your allotted seat as seating will be arranged in the order in which you will be called to walk across the stage
  • move quietly and promptly when your row of graduates is called to come forward
  • move quietly and promptly back to your seat after receiving your testamur to avoid congestion along the aisles
  • respect other Graduands and remain in your seat until the ceremony is finished.

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