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Health & Human Sciences

Key people

College executive

College Dean: Professor Dominic Upton | Profile

Assistant Dean, Academic Disciplines: Dr Natalie Milic | Profile

Assistant Dean, Learning Futures: Dr Sufyan Akram | Profile

Assistant Dean, International: Dr Jim Lee | Profile

Assistant Dean, Research: Professor Phil Giffard | Research Profile

College Manager: Gus Diaz

Clinical Science

Undergraduate Course Coordinator: Dr Gabriela Minigo | Research Profile

Exercise & Sport Science

Undergraduate Course Coordinator: Dr Daniel Gahreman |Profile

Health Science

Course Coordinator: Lynn Moloney

Medical Laboratory Science

Undergraduate Course Coordinator: Dr Natalie Milic | Profile


Course Coordinator: Judith Myers | Profile

Occupational Therapy

Course Coordinator: Nicole O'Reilly


Undergraduate Course Coordinator: Dr Sufyan Akram | Profile


Undergraduate Course Coordinator: Heather Volk


Head of Discipline: Professor Mitchell Byrne

Undergraduate Course Coordinator: Dr Michelle Hilder-Achurch | Profile

Honours Coordinator: Dr Shahd Al-Janabi | Profile

Postgraduate Course Coordinator (Clinical): Dr Cindy Wall | Profile

Postgraduate Course Coordinator (Play Therapy):

Social Work

Undergraduate & Postgraduate Course Coordinator: Dr Janine JoyceProfile

Speech and Language Therapy

Course Coordinator: Helen Wallace