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Maria Scarlett and Gus Diaz
Wellness Centre Administrative Officer Maria Scarlett with Health and Human Sciences College Manager Gus Diaz.

The CDU College of Health and Human Sciences has re-developed its Wellness Centre, offering affordable counselling sessions, psychological assessments, social work, and health and fitness checks at affordable community rates in Darwin.

The Wellness Centre accepts referrals from a range of professionals including GPs, social workers, psychiatrists, psychologists, mental health clinicians, occupational therapists and speech pathologists. Self-referrals are accepted from adults, but all child referrals must be sent through a clinician.

The Centre also is piloting outreach services with non-profit organisations in the community, with a pilot program providing mental health assessments and ongoing treatment at Pearl Nursing Homes and Sanderson Middle School.

College of Health and Human Sciences Manager, Gus Diaz said Pearl Nursing Homes had hundreds of patients across their nursing home, assisted living and in-home support services, and they “are crying out for help”.

“Our Clinical Psychology students can provide several complex assessments and ongoing treatment at highly affordable rates,” Mr Diaz said.

The service at Sanderson Middle School will target high risk students, with mental health assessments and treatment. At the Alice Springs campus, the team is setting up a virtual counselling service using video link and interactive technologies.

“Our students need a lot of clinical hours and there is a lot of need,” Mr Diaz said.

“Our goal is to partner with as many community organisations and help as many people as we can.

“Through the Wellness Centre, our postgraduate students are able to meet their clinical placement requirements while providing a much-needed community service.”

The students working at the Wellness Centre providing mental health services are provisionally qualified psychologists working towards a Master of Clinical Psychology.

“This is CDU giving back to the community and we are looking at expanding into more locations such as Katherine and Alice Springs,” Mr Diaz said.

For more information visit the Wellness Centre at W: