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Important information

Please carefully read the following important information about Pharmacy placements

  • Students are not permitted to arrange their own placements.
  • While Charles Darwin University (CDU) will attempt to meet student requests for clinical placement at a preferred facility, CDU reserves the right to place students at facility other than that nominated.
  • Students are responsible for meeting all costs associated with attending placement.  Students can seek reimbursement for placements undertaken in a rural/remote location, as deemed by the Pharmacy Guild, however this is not a guarantee funds will be reimbursed.  CDU does not accept any responsibility for losses incurred for flights, accommodation or any other associated costs.
  • Students are required to complete placement nominations and provide pre-clinical documents by deadline dates.
  • Students will not be permitted to attend placement if they have not supplied the required pre-placement documents.
  • Students unable to attend a confirmed placement for any reason must advise the CDU placement office IMMEDIATELY.

Personal information

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Placement preference

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Note: You are required to send in an Expression of Interest between 250 -500 words for the Community Pharmacy, by email to Your nominations cannot be processed without the EOI.