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Research Centre for Health and Wellbeing


The Research Centre for Health and Wellbeing (RCHW) is located in the School of Health at Charles Darwin University's Casuarina (Darwin) campus.

It aims for excellence in health and wellbeing research as it responds to the complex needs of individuals, families and their communities in the Northern Territory and beyond.

The centre collaborates with national and international groups, industry, and community partners.

It promotes the development of research capacity and capability with a focus on interdisciplinary and cross cultural aspects of health and health determinants as it seeks to maximise health outcomes.

RCHW has a particular interest in research of relevance to the Northern Territory and its neighbours in a wider global context.

Our areas of research strength include:

  • Health systems research, health workforce, knowledge transfer into policy, practice and education, interdisciplinary health care and health outcomes.
  • Indigenous health and wellbeing including chronic disease self-management, child development, child-rearing practices, and intercultural health communication.
  • Psychosocial aspects of wellbeing and health care including community development, social inclusion, and child protection.
  • Clinical research including aged care, mental health, primary health care, and acute care.
  • Humanitarian and disaster management, and social justice approaches to social work.

Communication and Education in Indigenous Health: CDU Research

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Growing Up Children in Two Worlds

Recognising and building on strengths in two remote Aboriginal communities

Sharing True Chronic Conditions Stories

This project is a direct response to concerns about chronic disease through recent CDU research.

The Communicate Project

Pursuing improved cross-cultural health communication at the Royal Darwin Hospital.

Strengthening Indigenous Research

A collaborative project between the Research Centre for Health and Wellbeing and the Yalu Marnggithinyaraw

Health Literacy and Communication

A project focusing on the development of health literacy benchmarking that can be utilised by health services.