Graduate Diploma in Child and Family Health

Postgraduate Placements only

Personal information
Placement unit for which you are requesting placement

Preference for placement
1Facility:* Are you employed at this facility? 
Preferred month for placement:* 
2Facility:* Are you employed at this facility? 
Preferred month for placement:* 
I would like to do this as a
*If you are employed and will achieve all of your clinical competencies in your employed position, you do not need to nominate a preferred month for a clinical placement
Important information

Please carefully read the following important information about clinical placements

  • Students are not permitted to arrange their own placements without the written consent from the Placement Office.
  • While Charles Darwin University (CDU) will attempt to meet student requests for placement at a preferred facility/time, CDU reserves  the right to place students at a facility/time other than that nominated.
  • Students are responsible for meeting all costs associated with attending placement. Students should not book flights or accommodation before they have received confirmation of their placement from CDU. CDU does not accept any responsibility for losses incurred for flights, accommodation and any other associated costs.
  • Students are required to complete placement nominations and and provide pre-clinical documents by deadline dates.
  • Students will not be permitted to attend placement if they have not supplied the required pre-clinical documents unless they have been exempt from doing so.
  • Students unable to attend a confirmed placement for any reason must advise the Placement Office IMMEDIATELY. Students who miss placements may be required to submit a medical certificate or other evidence of grounds for rescheduling the clinical placement. Please read the information on the CDU website regarding Exceptional Circumstances and Special Consideration