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People and projects

Making an impact in education

Who are we? 

Staff, adjuncts and affiliates to the International Centre for Global Education are enthused by the research and projects they are involved with, making a difference to educational theories, practices and/or policies. We are involved with a range of people from primary, secondary and tertiary levels of formal education as well as educational activities in the local, regional, national and international community.


Researchers have a range of skills that attract post-graduate candidates and grants.  Our staff and researchers have a broad range of interests as seen in their profiles, publication lists and projects in the CDU Research Web portal for College of Education. Please contact us if you would like more details about partnerships or projects by email at or contact the individuals whose projects you are interested in.

Candidates and alumni 

HDR candidates research a broad range of educational topics with expert guidance and supervision at CDU. Their projects are diverse, and they are well supported by expert staff. Our alumni are encouraged to remain involved with the IGCE.

Current and past projects

Dr Bea Staley, Leonard Freeman, Erin Coonan  – Exploring Standard Australian English grammar acquisition for students attending a remote Northern Territory Primary School (DOCX, 342.12 KB)

Dr Bea Staley - Caregiver Experiences of Disability

Dr Cris Edmonds-Wathen - Identifying mathematical expression in diverse Australian Indigenous languages for teaching and learning mathematics

Dr Cris Edmonds-Wathen - Collaborating for Indigenous language education

Dr Jon Mason, Dr Khalid Khan, Dr Nicolas Gromik, Dr Claire Bartlett SIMLAB Pilot 1