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International Graduate Centre of Education

Research focus and project topics

The team linked to the International Graduate Centre of Education is innovative and responsive to many areas of education and scholarships. Our focus areas highlight the interests of our team members and affiliates.

Focus areas

21st century pedagogies

The contemporary world holds multiple challenges in creating effective and interesting teaching and learning environments. These challenges require innovations in how and what we teach and how learning can be supported across diverse situations and age groups.

The IGCE brings strong research teams together to focus on exploring appropriate and innovative pedagogical practices that are context-driven. In the third decade of the 21st century, we know that the opportunities and disruption unleashed by digital technologies, widening participation and globalised learning will continue. Developing an open mindset to discern the scope of the challenges and explore novel and effective responses needs to be embedded in good pedagogical practice.

  • Digital Education Futures
  • Language and Learning
  • Well-being and Sustainability
  • Enabling and Transition
  • Science, Technology, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM)
  • University Teaching
Indigenous education

The IGCE undertakes high quality and innovative research into improving the performance of Indigenous education policies and programs, with particular emphasis on the Northern Territory context, extended and deepened through ongoing national and international research partnerships.

Our research expertise is enriched by professional engagement with Indigenous education at all levels from classroom to community to the system, with a strong focus on collaboration and representation. Indigenous-related research within the IGCE adheres to the highest ethical standards, including the Ethical Conduct in Research with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples and Communities: Guidelines for researchers and stakeholders (2018).

  • Identity, Language and Culture
  • International Indigenous perspectives
  • Education policies
  • Responsive practice
Early learning

High quality early learning experiences for children from birth have a life-long impact on an individual. This research area includes interdisciplinary exploration into children's early development from birth to eight years, including speech, language, literacy, numeracy, and socio-emotional development. Implications are made for longer-term outcomes.

Policies and program design are integral to our research interests, especially when working with partners. 

  • Experience of pre-service teachers
  • Creative and narrative pedagogy
  • Play-based learning
  • Early literacy and numeracy
  • Inclusive education
  • Local knowledge, global practice