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Below you will find a sample of resources developed by IMPS. To create or repurpose, or deploy a resource like one you see here contact us at imps@cdu.edu.au. Unless otherwise noted, the resources below are available for use in any CDU course where it fits the learning objectives.

Video & Audio Production

The studio has produced numerous videos, some of which can be seen in our Showreel.

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University Culture Animation

University Culture

Coming to university is like visiting a foreign country. This video on university culture illustrates interaction between cultures without singling-out specific groups.

View the animation on our YouTube channel

Principles of New Media Animation

Principles of New Media

A set of five videos on principles of new media were created for the School of Design. Animation, voice over and screen capture were mixed to create these engaging videos.

View one of the animation on our YouTube channel

Natural Selection Animation

Natural Selection

This animation was developed to illustrate the process of natural selection by showing how fictional species lithipodius nulla changes over many generations in response to environmental pressure.

Types of SelectionTypes of Selection

This animation illustrates how the characteristic frequency distribution changes over time in three different types of natural selection.

View the animation on our YouTube channel

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Interactive Web Resources

Beagle Voyage Timeline

Beagle Voyage Timeline

An interactive timeline and map chronicling Charles Darwin and his voyage on the HMS Beagle, as they made their way around the world.

View the interactive timeline

Distribution of Plant Genera

Beagle Voyage Timeline

This interactive map shows the distribution of four key plant genera across the Malay Archipelago, allowing students to explore the information at their own pace.

View the interactive map

Virtual Excursion

Virtual Excursion

Using specialised photography techniques IMPS stitched together dozens of single photos to create an interactive, 360º view with interactive spots. This tool will bring field skills online.

Species Browser

Species Browser

Created for CDU’s first MOOC, this resource uses Darwin’s famous finches to show how diet and habitat influence the physical characteristics of each species.

View the Species Browser

Remote Sensing Investigations

Remote Sensing Investigations

A choose-your-own-adventure exercise allowing students to learn technical decision-making skills.

View the Remote Sensing Investigation

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Game Based Learning

Game-On Syposium

Game-On Symposium

A first for Australian higher education, this three day symposium featured national and international experts, and investigated the potential for educational game design at CDU.

Pharmacy Storage

Pharmacy Storage game

A simulation game that takes students through the many tasks involved in receiving, checking and placing incoming stock for a pharmacy. 

To find out more about this resource, please contact us at imps@cdu.edu.au

CDU Explorer game

CDU Explorer

A web-based game that directs players to solve problems in the real world. Run successfully as part of CDU Open Day and Orientation events, players earn virtual badges and complete quests to win prizes.

To find out more about this resource, please contact us at imps@cdu.edu.au

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MOOC Development

Charles Darwin, Evolution & Tropical Australia

"Charles Darwin, Evolution & Tropical Australia"

CDU's first MOOC took students through Darwin's life and discoveries. Taught by Dr Steve Reynolds and Professor Keith Christian, the course featured Chris Darwin and was visited by over 400 students.

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Accounting in Mandarin and English

"Who's Counting" in Mandarin & English

CDU's third MOOC  "Who's counting?" developed by CDU and its Chinese partner university, Anhui Normal University, is offered with Chinese (Mandarin) video transcripts and launched in March 2016.

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Memory MOOC"The Art and Science of Memory"

IMPS, in collaboration with CDU's School of Psychological and Clinical Sciences (SPACS) developed a Memory MOOC to help students remember large amounts of subject matter content.

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