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College of Indigenous Futures, Education and the Arts

Preservice teacher requirements and resources

Professional Experience placements are confirmed by the InSchool team.

The InSchool team works to locate placements in schools and before school settings. Preservice teachers may choose to research their own placements in an appropriate setting for their Professional Experience unit and course.  If a preservice teacher chooses to undertake placement research, they must follow the procedure and use the documentation provided by logging into Learnline,,  and locating the unit on called 2019 InSchool-Education Placement.

Inherent teaching requirements

Please familiarise yourself with these so you can ensure successful completion of your Professional Experience.

Placement timing

Placements are guided by the CDU placement calendar dates and are arranged within the school terms in the state/territory you're located.  If a PST wishes to vary placement attendance requirements, Practicum Date Variation Approval Request form (DOCX, 30.22 KB) (DOCX, 30.22 KB) must be completed and emailed to

    Placement setting

    a) To avoid conflict of interest, PSTs may not:

    • Undertake a placement in a school or setting where they are already employed
    • Undertake a placement in a school or setting where an immediate family member is also located (school staff or students attending the school)
    • Receive remuneration in any form for duties carried out during their placement

    In exceptional circumstances, a PST may make a case that no conflict of interest will occur in the first two instances (items 1. and 2. above).  This case needs to be supported by the school's Professional Experience Co-ordinator and to explicitly describe the strategies that will be put into place to ensure that any conflict of interest is minimised (e.g. teaching will occur in classes other than those involving a family member)

    b) PSTs may undertake one of their placements in a specialised setting.  Specialised settings include:

    • Steiner or Montessori schools,
    • special education schools,
    • outdoor education-based schooling
    • remote schools  

    Placement in a specialised setting usually only occurs once across the PSTs placement experience, not usually in the final placement.  If more than one placement in a specialised setting is wished for, or for the placement in a specialised setting to occur in the final placement, the PST needs to complete an Extenuating Circumstances form (PDF, 115.29 KB) (PDF, 115.29 KB) and submit it to

    Common ages

    The age of first-year students in primary school varies considerably between states and territories. Download the Australian compulsory school years table (PDF, 1.13 MB) (PDF, 1.13 MB).