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College of Indigenous Futures, Education and the Arts


ART Lab explores the impact of the arts upon society, minds and technologies.

What roles might the arts and culture play in the flourishing of people and communities?


ART Lab provides an opportunity for scholars to collaborate across a diverse range of disciplines. We aim to develop innovative approaches to teaching and research around the role of the artistic creativity and cultural innovation in human societies.

We investigate and engage in active research and learning about:

  • the roles of the arts in fostering individual and community wellbeing and reducing conflict
  • art theory and the diversity of artistic and literary practices
  • creativity in the arts, media, and sciences
  • cultural learning and evolution
  • practice and cultural history of languages.

To examine these topics and develop practical innovation about these domains, our approaches draw from:

  • transdisciplinary approaches
  • methods that integrate the cultures of the arts and the culture of science
  • practice-based research, creation, and teaching
  • student-integration into research and practice.


ART Lab includes members from a cross-section of colleges at CDU, artists and writers from the community, and scholars from other labs around the world. 

Teaching and learning

ART Lab offers a diverse variety of opportunities for undergraduates and postgraduates to participate in studies that can contribute to the advancement of the arts in society, including:

  • Bachelor Arts (Humanities and Social Sciences) - philosophy, communication, and literary studies
  • Bachelor of Arts (Languages) - artistic immersion in the cultures of China, Greece and Indonesia
  • Bachelor of Creative Arts - study of music, new media, visual arts, graphic design and creative writing
  • VET Creative Arts and cultural literacy from the common curriculum.