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College of Indigenous Futures, Education and the Arts

Inspire Lab

Aiming to ensure Indigenous knowledge traditions, authorities and protocols are respected, valued and enacted.

The Indigenous D-Lab seeks to bring together, support and increase visibility of the College's Indigenous research, teaching, and community engagement.

The Lab offers culturally safe places for Indigenous and non-Indigenous people and organisations to come together with the aim to interact and communicate issues, ideas, learning and knowledge important to Indigenous people. The spaces are in Darwin and Alice Springs, and events are also held in communities and homelands. D-Lab supports improved communication around issues, ideas, learning and knowledge that is important to Indigenous people.


Indigenous D-Lab aims to:

  • Support high levels of both-ways community engagement around the design and delivery of research, teaching and learning and training.
  • Develop a register of knowledge authorities in Indigenous cultural and social groups.
  • Address the gap in availability of comprehensive and evidence-based cross-cultural training and resources.
  • Improve the educational outcomes and opportunities for Indigenous people through university and community-based teaching and learning opportunities.
  • Support the development of vibrant young Indigenous leaders through education and research carried out under the guidance of Indigenous elders and other Indigenous knowledge authorities.


Indigenous D-Lab builds on existing relationships with Indigenous research organisations to ensure long-term and financially stable partnerships.

The Lab provides considerable opportunity for research and other partnerships with Indigenous and non-Indigenous organisations and government, and the opportunity to invest in capacity building within small and emerging Indigenous research organisations and enterprises.

Teaching and learning

The Indigenous D-Lab offers opportunities for undergraduate and postgraduate involvement in a variety of research projects carried out in connection with the D-Lab, including:

  • Indigenous education as a significant area of research and innovation.
  • Expansion of VET remote delivery and non-award programs to contribute to community activities. 
  • Link arts organisations in communities across the Top End to create a central digital marketplace for artwork produced in remote communities.
  • Continued development of the Master of Indigenous Knowledges (Mawul Rom) 
  • Developing video/media research capacity within and beyond CDU for young and emerging Indigenous researchers and community-government engagement.
  • Centre of excellence in Indigenous-led evaluation and evidence-based policy and practice.
  • Continued development of both university and non-university accreditation and recognition for Indigenous researchers.
  • Development of an Australian Indigenous Languages Institute in partnership with other universities.
  • Innovative service delivery, includingdata management, sustainable job opportunities and business enterprises in remote communities, digital and telehealth access, and ‘one health’ approach to improved community well-being.