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College of Indigenous Futures, Education and the Arts

Getting started with TEP

Find out about the support available, how to enrol, set up your timetable and Week 1 study boosting activities.

What support is there? 

As a CDU TEP student, you'll get access to the same student resources and support as our higher education and VET students whether you're studying online or on-campus. 

As a CDU TEP student, you'll be able to:

  • Access your TEP course materials anytime, anywhere, from Learnline or use the CDU mobile app to connect with your lecturers, browse videos and login to the CDU Portal
  • Attend workshops and guided activities designed to support you in your first week at CDU.
  •  Contact Current Students if you have any questions about uni stuff and they will help connect you to the right person.
  • Access counselling and disability support services, confidentially and for free.
  • Contact ITMS for help organising your student computer account and assistance with on-campus wifi, printing and scanning queries.
  •  Access extra study support via the Academic Language and Learning Support program (ALLSP). Watch videos, attend workshops or one-on-one sessions for information about writing, referencing, bibliographies, plus other study tips and tricks.
  • Visit our on-campus libraries which have well-equipped study spaces for CDU students.

TEP Start - Week 1

The Tertiary Enabling Program begins the semester with our  Week 1 TEP Start program for newcomers and TEP Continue for students who have successfully completed 1 unit of TEP. 

Your learning during this week focuses on introducing you to the program and learning how to be successful at university. There will be online and on-campus classes where you can connect with your peers and lecturers, in addition to content and activities for you to work through.

While familiarising yourself with the online learning environment (Learnline) that all students (online or on-campus) will use, TEP Start also gives you your first taste of the work load and time commitments that are required to study TEP and for university in general. 

The learning materials and activities for Week 1 can be found in the TEP Central (Learnline site) which you will have access to two weeks prior to Week 1. This is where the online classes will be run as well.

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How do I enrol in my TEP units? 

Once you have received your offer for TEP, you can enrol in your units. Refer to the study plan for guidance on choosing units, particularly if you are studying part time.

You can self-enrol using MyStudentInfo in the CDU Portal and follow the steps below:

  1. Activate your computer account, if you have not already done so.
  2. Refer to the above Study Plan to choose your units.
  3. Follow the instructions on Get Started to complete your enrolments.

Once enrolled you will need to familiarise yourself with CDU’s online learning portal and Learnline

Taking the time to understand Learnline early on will ease stress when beginning your studies. Your units in Learnline will be accessible from one week before the start of semester.

However, you are able to log on to TEP Central two weeks before the start of the semester. TEP Central offers all Week 1 materials for all your units and three online classes from six modules that will prepare you for your studies and allow you to hit the ground running at the start of the semester.

If you require additional support using Learnline, there is a dedicated online hub for students at Learnline support.

Class timetable

Both Online (external) and on-campus (internal) and  students are expected to register for TEP Start or TEP Continue classes held during Week 1 of the semester through the TEP Central.

If you enrol to attend as an internal student, you will also need to confirm your place in each of the internal classes you are enrolled in for the semester by registering for unit classes through the TEP Central.

If you enrol as an external student, you are not required to register for online classes for each unit.

Instructions on how to register for your classes will be sent to your CDU student email and will also be available on the TEP Central two weeks prior to the semester commencing.

Changes to the class timetables can sometimes occur; we recommend you check your timetable online prior to class commencement to confirm times and locations.

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