General Induction

People Management and Development have a sign-on process for all new staff. Your sign-on appointment should be booked for your first day at work, however you will need to confirm the appointment with PMD.
Charles Darwin University has legal obligations to provide new employees with information and training in areas of Equal Employment Opportunity, Health, Safety and Environment (OH&S), People Management and Development (HR) policies, procedures, processes and guidelines, Security and Strategic Directions.
Your supervisor is responsible for managing your introduction to the university and must complete all induction process requirements with you.

Your supervisor generally takes care of the area specific items (eg. phone/IT access, office/lab space, stationery, allocation of keys/access cards, facility tour etc.).

For further information please refer to PMD induction.

Occupational Health and Safety

The University has an obligation to its employees under the NT Workplace Health and Safety Act to provide knowledge of occupational health and safety factors in the workplace.

As part of the Occupational Health and Safety requirements of the University, all staff, students and visitors are required to undertake a Safety Induction.

In SELS, the induction is conducted by the Laboratory Manager in a group or on an individual basis (by arrangement).

SELS OHS Induction is a PowerPoint presentation designed to address the key components of the New Employee Health and Safety Checklist. and will form the basis of the induction session.

NOTE: Area specific hazards must be addressed by the supervisor or delegate.

The final slide of the presentation contains useful links for reference purposes.

OHS Induction Dates

OHS Inductions for new SELS staff and students will be held from 3-4pm on the last Friday of each calendar month in the Meeting Room of Yellow 2.

2009 dates are 30-Jan, 27-Feb, 27-Mar, 24-Apr, 29-May, 26-Jun, 31-July, 28-Aug, 25-Sep, 30-Oct, 27-Nov.

Other sessions can be arranged as required when new staff or students commence.

OHS Laboratory and Facility Inspections

Laboratory and facility inspections of areas the SELS occupy are conducted annually.

They are designed to audit key OHS requirements for laboratories and are as per the following schedule: Inspections 2009 Schedule

Contact Laboratory Manager on 8946 6787 for further information.