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CDU Charter Flight

Frequently Asked Questions

COVID-19 warning: please do not fly if you are sick or if you have been physically close to someone with COVID-19 in the past 14 days. Please contact us: or message our Wechat: 查尔斯达尔文大学招生官微, ID: CDUDarwin, if you have any changes to your health before you fly. 

Please regularly check back to this page as it is continuously being updated with new information. 


  • We would love to be able to support all our students to return to Darwin to complete their studies. However, the charter flight is a pilot program, approved by the Northern Territory Government and the Australian Government to bring a limited number of students to Darwin. We will be in contact with students if they are eligible.

    Students will be required to have an International Student Visa and be students of CDU. 

  • The flight is departing Singapore on the 29 November 2020, arriving in Darwin on 30 November. 

  • Students will need a student visa prior to joining the flight to Darwin. Students will also require a valid passport with at least 6 months validity.

  • Students will need to have paid the required deposit for their chosen course prior to joining the flight to Darwin. If the student is a current student, they will need to pay their fees when they enrol for S1 2021. 

  • Students will be sent some paperwork and a payment link. Please contact our team for more information. 

  • Unfortunately, the flight is not transferrable. The normal refund policy applies as per the CDU’s International Students – Refund of Fees Procedures:

  • The Northern Territory is in a very fortunate position, we have no active COVID-19 cases (as at 21 October 2020). Because of this, students are studying on-campus where social distancing can take place. There are some classes that maybe undertaken in a mixed mode – online and on-campus. 

  • There is a good chance that students will need to commence their Summer Semester studies online while in quarantine. We recommend that students bring their own laptop and wifi will be provided at the Howard Springs facility.  

  • Carry-on luggage: 1 piece at a maximum weight of 7 kilograms.

    Checked luggage: Maximum weight of 30 kilograms (multiple pieces permitted but max combined weight of 30kgs applies).

    Additional luggage can be purchased by the student at the airport check-in counter on check-in to the flight to Singapore, fees are below. 

    Departure City 



    US$36 per kg 


    US$21.50 per kg 

    Ho Chi Minh City 

    US$21.50 per kg 

    Hong Kong 

    1kg : HK$480 

    3kg : HK$1440 

    5kg : HK$2400 


    1kg : CNY500 

    3kg : CNY1500 

    5kg : CNY2500 

  • Please see this page for a list of restricted items for the charter flight from Singapore to Darwin.

    For a list of restricted items for the departure flight to Singapore please check the airline’s website.

    Fresh fruit and homemade food can’t be brought into Australia. Other items like prescription medicines and duty free items can be brought into Australia if they are declared.

    Please read this website for a full list of what can and can’t be brought into Australia.

  • All students must ensure they have purchased overseas health insurance.

    It is also strongly recommended that students purchase travel insurance to cover their journey from departure in their home country to arrival in Darwin.

  • Yes, students need to completed their registration before going to the airport to depart for Singapore. 

    Upon arrival at Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport, Suikang Code for Guangzhou residents or Yuekang Code for Non-Guangzhou residents must be shown to the airport staff before entering the airport.

    Students are required to register on Wechat mini APP – 粤省事 and declare their health circumstance and locations they’ve been in the past 14 days. Only those with a Green Code will be permitted to enter the airport. Any with a Red Code will not be allowed to enter the airport.

  • Students will need to complete a number of forms. These will be sent in an email to the student. 

  • Different countries have different regulations. CDU recommends that students check with the departure airport in their country for any COVID testing requirements.

In transit

  • Seat requests can be made at the airport when the student  checks in to their flight.

  • Students will be provided with masks and hand sanitizer before boarding the flight. We recommend that students:

    • Avoid touching eyes, nose, and mouth.
    • Always keep the mask on once onboard
    • Use the hand sanitizer regularly.
  • At the departure airport for the flight to Singapore, follow the boards and signage for the commercial flight as normal. Once in Singapore students will be ushered as a group at every part of the transit process.

    On arrival into Darwin students will disembark the aircraft and complete immigration/customs clearance as per a standard international flight arrival.

    Based on the current schedule of international flights into Darwin the chartered flight will be the only international flight on the ground and clearing customs. Follow airport signage to direct arrivals to customs & immigration.

  • Access to the lounge is not available at this time.

  • All arriving passengers at Changi Airport will have their temperature screened. If any student is running a fever or exhibiting any symptoms of a respiratory illness, they will be attended to by medical staff. Transit passengers will be welcomed by an usher who will usher groups to a designated transit holding area.

    The designated transit holding area will contain all the comforts the students may require before their connecting flight. This includes complimentary WiFi, a snooze corner, food kiosks, vending machines, a smoking room, and restrooms. Students will also be able to order food from outlets in Changi Airport to be delivered to their holding area. Students must stay within this designated transit holding area at all times, and must wear a face mask unless  eating, drinking, or smoking.

    Duty-free shopping, can be pre-ordered from at least an hour before the charter flight departs from Singapore. The purchases will be delivered to the students inflight.

    Around 75 minutes before the charter flight departs, the students will be ushered in groups from the transit holding area to their boarding gate for security screening and boarding.

On arrival at Darwin

  • All students will be required to quarantine at the Howard Springs facility on arrival. Transport to the facility will be provided by the Northern Territory Government. After two weeks is finished, CDU will arrange transport for students to a range of central locations.  

  • Students will disembark the aircraft and complete immigration/customs clearance as per a standard international flight arrival.

    Based on the current schedule of international flights into Darwin the chartered flight will be the only international flight on the ground and clearing customs at this time.

    Students will need to follow airport signage to direct you to customs & immigration.

    Students will be required to complete a border entry form for entry into Australia. This can be completed online here. Students will need to read the website and follow the directions carefully. Students need to print this out and bring the hard copy in their carry-on luggage ready for Darwin airport. Students must NOT sign the form until they are with an Australian Border Force officer upon arrival in Darwin airport.

    A Howard Springs Registration form will also need to be completed. This can be accessed here and once completed students need to complete and bring in their carry-on luggage ready for Darwin airport.

  • There is a comprehensive care plan in place as part of this pilot program. Some activities include: CDU staff will ensure all students receive care packages, and staff will complete daily phone calls with the students to ensure the students are supported during their quarantine. 24-hour counselling will also be available to international students during their quarantine. On departure from the facility, CDU Global will hold an event to welcome the students into the Darwin community. 

    A list can be found online here (Mandarin)

  • The Howard Springs facility has been described as being “Almost like a holiday” (source: The NT News). Students can commence or continue to study online as there is wifi. We recommend you bring a personal laptop computer. All meals are provided and while maintain social distancing, exercise can be undertaken outside. You can see images of the facility online.

After quarantine

  • CDU staff will contact you in quarantine to find out your accommodation arrangements. Once the two weeks of quarantine are complete, CDU will arrange transport from Howard Springs to various locations around the city.

  • Students will need to arrange their own accommodation after quarantine. Please visit our website to find out more about accommodation options and to access accommodation support:

    It is recommended that students organise accommodation before boarding the flight. 

Additional information

  • CDU is hopeful that following the success of this initial pilot that CDU will be able to welcome more students to Darwin and CDU in 2021. However, this has not been confirmed at this stage. 

  • You can stay up to date with COVID-19 statuses in the NT through the Secure NT's website. 

    Visit website

  • There are currently no active COVID-19 cases in the Northern Territory, which means that our student have been able to return to study on campus. Find the latest information and FAQs all our students on COVID-19 safety measures at CDU.

    Learn more

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