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Improving the wellbeing of international students in the Northern Territory is the goal of new programs being offered at Charles Darwin University.

These programs are made possible thanks to Allianz; Charles Darwin University’s SSAF Funds and the Northern Territory Government’s International Student Wellbeing Grant Program.

All current international students at CDU are encouraged to participate in these programs for social, physical and mental wellbeing.

    Note that precautionary COVID-19 measures are still in place for all activities:

    • Physical distancing guidelines – please adhere to 1.5m spacing.
    • If you are sick with cold and flu symptoms – you must not attend. This is extremely important to ensure you do not pass on a cold or flu and make others vulnerable. If you are sick, and you do attend, you may be asked to leave the area.
    • If you are in a vulnerable population group or with pre-existing medical conditions that increase your vulnerability to cold and flu strains, you are advised not to attend.
    Sports and wellbeing day
    International Student Events

    International student events

    CDU runs a number of events for international students. Come along, meet some new people and enjoy! Find out about what events are coming up soon. 

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    Top tips to settle in, get involved, supported, and on top of study

    Studying at CDU away from your home can be challenging at times.  CDU has a range of support services to help with your study, and we have also created 10 videos with our top tips to help you settle in, the transition to CDU, get involved in the community and get on top of your study. 

    Please contact Equity Services at if you would like any more information or to access our services. 

    When you are feeling homesick
    1 - CDU Equity Services - Top tips for when you are feeling homesick
    How to improve your English?
    5 - CDU Equity Services - Student’s top tips on how to improve your English
    How to be a good friend and support others
    2. CDU Equity Services - How to be a good friend and support others
    Reduce stress in your life
    7 - CDU Equity Services - Top Tips for how to reduce stress in your life
    What is a healthy relationship?
    4. CDU Equity Services - What is a Healthy Relationship?
    What happens during a visit to a CDU Counsellor?
    3 - CDU Equity Services - What happens during a visit to a CDU Counsellor?
    Recognising and managing depression
    8 - CDU Equity Services - Essential tips for recognising and managing depression
    Recognising and dealing with anxiety
    Study more effectively
    6 - CDU Equity Services - Student’s advice on how to study more effectively
    Plan and organise your time well
    10 - CDU Equity Services - Top Tips for how to plan and organise your time well