International students

Student testimonials

Dhan Kumar Mala Dhan Kumar Mala (Nepal)
Master of Business Administration (Professional Practice)

"I found a very caring and homely environment at the university where the faculty staff and the people in the university are exceptionally supportive. I am grateful to all my CDU teachers and Professors as well as the other university staff. Apart from my study, I have been involved with various community groups where I use my academic and professional skills to yield good outcomes for them. I am currently appointed as Young IT (YIT) and Branch Executive Member for Australian Computer Society (ACS) Northern Territory Branch. I am proud to call myself a CDU student and a Territorian".

Benoit PapeJelena Runjaic
Environmental Sciences Exchange student

"I applied to CDU because it was the smallest of the universities on offer, I wanted to attend a university where I could see familiar places rather than thousands of unknown students. I would recommend CDU because the campus was small yet had everything that was needed to complete my studies. It was fun, multicultural and wonderful. I loved meeting new people from all over the world and making life-long friends in the process."

Jagtar SinghJagtar Singh (India)
PhD Student, School of Psychological and Clinical Science

"I applied to Charles Darwin University for the Masters in Research Program. I got the opportunity to complete my experimental work with the Royal Darwin Hospital and eventually, got a scholarship to undertake my PhD which I am currently completing. I am having a great experience while studying at CDU since it has a true multicultural society where people from different nationalities are very well integrated. My teachers, while highly qualified are approachable and very helpful."

Jagtar SinghRonju Ahammad (Bangladesh)
PhD Student, Research Institute of the Environment and Livelihoods

"The multicultural environment of students from different countries made me choose Charles Darwin University. I say anyone will be able to find himself in a global relationship with students and friends of different continents studying in CDU. I have now been provided with an opportunity to travel to Bangladesh and research the livelihoods and forest conservation issues in the country"

NarayanNarayan Dahal (Nepal)
Master of Engineering (Civil)

"I am the recipient of the very rare 25% VCIHAS Scholarship from CDU. The university respects the educational competency of deserving students by providing them with scholarships. I am extremely glad to be a part of CDU. The university is an amazing centre of learning and exploring and it is not only the administration but also the faculty members as well as the students who have created a wonderful learning environment. If you are studying at CDU, you have better career opportunities in the days ahead. "

Benoit PapeDing Qiwen (China)
Bachelor of Accounting

"达尔文大学有给我提供奖学金,还有我在大一的时候就能直接进入一个会计公司,BDO, 它算是实际上第五大的会计公司, 进行实习。所以我觉得这样对未来的一个发展和工作规划会比较好."

"I was awarded a scholarship from Charles Darwin University and also provided an internship at BDO Darwin, a branch of the 5th top financial firm in the world, from 1st year of my Bachelor of Accounting study. This is an excellent opportunity and very helpful to my career development in the future."

Benoit PapeBenot Pape (France)
Bachelor of Laws, Exchange Student

"CDU is using e-learning methods and I was surprised to see how it is efficient. It is particularly interesting for a foreign student to be able to read, listen or watch again a lecture as you might have missed something. If it is the case and if you cannot cope with it, all my lecturers had an open-door policy, it was another aspect of the learning method, you can talk to your lecturers easily and they would take time to make you cope with something you don't understand in the course."

Octavio Maria Da PiedadeOctavio Maria Da Piedade (East Timor)
Bachelor of Environmental Science

"It was great to study at CDU. I felt that I obtained enough assistance from the international office and lecturers. Australia has advanced education system (though is huge different to Timor) in teaching style and I found that the teaching style is modern, demanded students to be independent, and assisted me a lot as it links with my current job. The teaching style assists on how deliver presentation at workplace and other matters."

Desak Made WidyaningsihDesak Made Widyaningsih (Indonesia)
Graduate Diploma in Teaching and Learning

"Arriving back home it's never been hard for me to find jobs – fortunately - due to having a degree I completed in a top ranked University and awesome teaching and learning experience I gained in Darwin. Good thing is I am currently working at Indonesia Australia Language Foundation (IALF) where I can apply all theories I have learnt back in Australia. I am having a lot of great experience and rewarding things and fantastic offers in this school due to my completed study and experience in Darwin."