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Study pathways

Pathways for international students

CDU has developed a reputation as one of the most innovative teaching and learning, and most research-intensive universities in Australia. CDU qualifications are recognised globally, and graduates are highly valued and sought after. Studying with CDU has never been easier and we have options to suit everyone. 

  • CDU’s International College Pathways program is suitable for students at all levels of education. We provide clear pathways and easy transition between courses from vocational through to postgraduate study. We are offering three pathways within our International College:

    1. International Foundation Studies Program
    2. First year Diplomas (International Diploma of Business Studies or International Diploma of Information Technology)
    3. Pre-masters (International Masters Preparation Program or International Masters Qualifying Programs)

    These are specifically designed programs to ensure you get the most out of your studies. We want to help you meet your goals and prepare yourself for the real world. 


  • Credit transfer, or advanced standing, is awarded based on previous relevant studies completed successfully within the past seven years.

    To apply for credit transfer, you must apply to study at CDU and submit these relevant supporting documents:

    • HE113 Application for Exemption Form
    • Official Academic Record (Academic transcript and award certificates)
    • Unit outlines or syllabus matching time-frame of studies. Unit outlines must be specific to the teaching period in which the unit was undertaken and must include:       

      • aims/objectives
      • learning outcomes
      • assessment items         
      • resources required and institutional identifiers (web links are not accepted, these must be converted to PDF prior to submission)          

    Please make sure you submit all of the required documents with your application to ensure processing time is reduced.


  • RPL is a process of advanced standing where credit is granted based upon the assessment of a student's prior formal, non-formal and informal learning (or a combination thereof) to determine the extent to which the student has achieved the required learning outcomes of a specified unit. 

    To apply for RPL, please make contact with the College of your chosen course.


  • As one of the only Australian universities with dual-sector status, CDU can offer both Vocational Education and Training (VET) and higher education courses. We believe that every learner should be provided with alternative pathways to access education and to acquire globally applicable skills and experience.

    Students can qualify for entry into a CDU bachelor’s degree by completing a CDU VET qualification. CDU offers many pathways and options for your career. See the course information section for more information.

    • Certificate IV (up to 40 Credit Points)
    • Diploma (up to 80 Credit Points)
    • Advanced Diploma (up to 160 Credit Points)
    • Bachelor’s Degree


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