Advanced Threat Protection (ATP)

ITMS will soon be introducing Microsoft Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) to the CDU email system. Microsoft’s ATP is a group of anti-spam, anti-malware, and anti-phishing tools designed to keep end users safe from threats.

This is to increase the level of protection to you and the CDU Systems.

ATP has a number of components of which CDU are initially introducing two;

  • ATP Safe Links
  • ATP Safe Attachments

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How will this affect me?

What will I notice?

In general the emails will look the same. When you hover over a link in the email you will see the surrogate link instead of the original link. If you use an email client that views emails as “plain text” you will see the surrogate link. Some links, that are known to be safe, will be whitelisted and will not change. When you hover over the link, the surrogate links can be quite long, but generally the domain, the link is going to, is in the first line.

What does this mean for me?

This means that you are more protected than you were before ATP was introduced. It is possible that the system might identify false positives, where the link or attachment is safe but the ATP thinks otherwise. In this case you will need to contact ITMS.

ATP Safe Links

What does ATP Safe Links do?

When an email arrives at CDU any links in the email are checked to make sure they are safe.  The links are then replaced by a surrogate link, that goes via a verified path to the same destination as the original link. If ATP deems the link to be malicious, instead of going to the original destination, it goes to a warning page instead. Each time you click the link it is rechecked to make sure it hasn’t been found to be malicious since you received it.

Further Information on ATP Safe Links

Further information can be found at xxxxx

ATP Safe Attachments

What does ATP Safe Attachments do?

When an email with an attachment arrives it is analysed automatically to ensure it does not contain malicious. It routes all messages and attachments to a special environment, and then uses machine learning and analysis techniques to detect malicious intent. If no suspicious activity is found, the message is forwarded to the mailbox. ATP Safe Attachments also checks files that are shared from OneDrive, SharePoint and Microsoft Teams. It does not check files in these locations until they are shared.

Further Information on ATP Safe Attachments

Further Information on ATP Safe Attachments can be found at xxxxx

Staff should continue to remain vigilant for malicious emails as ATP is not infallible.


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ADAPT Technologies

The ADAPT technologies make it easier to access your work across a variety of devices.

Find out more about how ITMS are making the transition to ADAPT.

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