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What is eCentre Induction Management?
What does Induction Management Mean?
Who Manages Non-Staff Induction?

How to Manage Induction for Non-Staff

What is eCentre Induction Management?

CDU requires all people working for/at CDU to undertake induction. Induction can include things like orientation and advice on CDU policy and safe work practices.

Induction for non-staff is managed in eCentre. Non-staff include people like:

  • Members of Partner Organisations like NTGPE, Flinders Medical Program etc...
  • Honorary Appointments
  • Visitors and Consultants
  • Etc...


What does Induction Management Mean?

Induction Management means:

  • Arranging / ensuring that induction items are completed by non-staff
  • Recording that the induction is completed in eCentre


Who Manages Non-Staff Induction?

Every non-staff person has a supervisor nominated in eCentre.

Non-staff induction is managed by these supervisors.


How to Manage Induction for Non-staff

Managing Existing Induction

Induction Items may automatically be assigned to non-staff that you supervise. You can see all assigned induction in eCentre in the Staff tab as follows:

My Staff Induction

In this case there are 2 non-staff supervised by this person, and they each have induction items assigned that are incomplete.

If you click on the name of one you can manage the induction items as follows:

Staff Induction Items

In this case there are 3 items assigned. The report shows the following information:

  • The induction item name
  • The date it was assigned to this person
  • The number of days allowed for them to complete the item
  • The date they started the induction (blank as they are all currently incomplete)
  • The date they finished the induction (blank as they are all currently incomplete)
  • An indicator if this is a renewal item or not. Some induction items must be renewed annually and will be automatically assigned again 12 months later. If this is the case this indicator will say "Y"

You can open each induction item to manage it. It looks like this:

Specific Induction Item

You have the following options:



Cancels and closes the form


Deletes the induction item. Note that some induction items are mandatory and cannot be deleted. The Delete button will not appear in this case.

Apply Changes

Saves any changes you have made to the form.

The form fields are as follows:


Provided By

Free text - fill in whoever provided the induction. If the induction item simply required a document to be read then enter "Self"

Start Date

The date the induction was started. If this was a course then the first day of the course.

End Date

The date the induction was finished. If this was a course then the last day of the course. If the induction only took an hour, leave the end date blank.

HRS Copied

Some induction items require that proof of completion be provided to HRS. If such proof has been provided then change this to Yes.


Free text - fill in any other pertinent information you think appropriate.


Adding Induction Items

After you have opened one of your non-staff to view their induction items you can add additional items.

This would be appropriate if you have area specific induction requirements such as hazardous materials handling.

Adding Induction Items

Simply select the package or induction item from the list and click the button beside it.

The list will not show any items that are already assigned to this person.

A package is just a collection of induction items and will apply all relevant induction items to the person.


Induction Reporting

In the reports are of the Staff tab, you can view a report summarising the induction you need to manage that looks like this:

Induction Reporting

You can directly update induction items from here if you wish.

Email Notifications

When induction items become overdue, eCentre will email you periodically with a reminder so that you can follow up on them.



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