eCentre Internet usage report


eCentre has new reporting functionality. The “Internet Usage” report allows users and supervisors to see how much data has been downloaded and uploaded to the internet over a given period. Managers and Supervisors can also see the raw data usage total, but not the content, of their direct reports.

Accessing the report

To access this reporting, click the “Internet Usage” button towards the bottom of the left panel on the eCentre home page.

Internet usage button

Working with the report

The initial screen shows a table of the current months Internet usage and a graph of the last 4 months usage.

Parts of the internet report

  1. You can change the month you are concerned with by using the dropdown list.
  2. If you are a manager or supervisor you can widen the report to yourself and Direct Reports or yourself and All Reports
  3. To see a daily breakdown for an individual click on their name

Daily Breakdown View

Data and graph of Internet usage

4. To return to the previous page click Back to main report.

Interpreting the report

Managers and supervisor should be aware that there may be variations in usage and any information should be considered in relation to current roles and tasks as some may be reliant on the internet while conducting their day to day activities.

Some examples of things that can affect data usage are listed below

  • Video conferencing
  • Streaming videos, for example those on LinkedIn Learning or Learnline
  • The number of devices an individual has connected
  • Automatic updating of devices
  • Synchronising data to the "Cloud"

If you notice that a staff member has an extremely high amount of uploads compared to downloads you may wish to bring it to the attention of ITMS as there may be an issue with the computer.


Staff should be aware that detailed information, such as what has been accessed and the web pages that have been visited, is not available in this report.


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