What is Federation?

Federation means trust between organisations to share resources. Through federation, service providers provide access to their resources or services to authorised users in a secure way without having to issue or manage user accounts.

ITMS’s affiliations with Australia’s Academic and Research Network (AARNet), and the Australian Access Federation (AAF Inc.), allow staff and students to seamlessly access a growing number of participating services and resources at member universities and research organisations using their CDU login credentials.

For a full list of services currently available, visit Federation.

Current Federation services

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Provides a gateway to ARCS Data Fabric and Compute Cloud Services. Researchers register to use ARCS services via the Access Service, which includes agreement to service usage conditions and creation of ARCS credentials used to access services not readily AAF-enabled.

The ARCS Grid links a range of High Performance Computing facilities throughout Australia. The Compute Cloud provides an easier way to access many of these HPC resources, and provides direct access to a range of applications.

CloudStor is a web-based large file transfer service which aims to improve collaboration and information-sharing opportunities for the higher education sector.

CloudStor allows the secure electronic transfer of virtually any file type regardless of size. File transfers of up to 55 gigabytes have already been proven on CloudStor and trials are currently underway for the transfer of larger files.

Access Cloudstor.

Cloudstor+ is a high-performing and secure personal file storage solution for researchers at AARNet customer institutions, enabling them to easily and reliably store files “in the cloud”.

For further information, visit Cloudstor+.

For access to Cloudstor+, visit Cloudstor+.

An extract from the AAF website:

"The Australian Access Federation provides the means of allowing a participating institution and/or a service provider to trust the information it receives from another participating institution. This provides seamless access to resources and secure communication by removing most of the roadblocks to collaboration and sharing at both the institutional and end user levels. Organisations will benefit from the AAF as it allows researchers to use their home institution Login to access a growing number of participating services and resources."

"The AAF will provide the framework to enable researchers, staff members and students at member universities or research institutions to login using a single account issued by their own institution and access a wide range of potential resources internal and external to the institution, including:

  • data collections and data grids;
  • scientific instruments, modelling and visualisation tools, and computing resources;
  • collaboration environments and workspaces for virtual teams;
  • scholarly resources and publications;
  • e-learning resources and learning object collections; and
  • national higher education and research administrative systems.

This means:

  • users can collaborate more easily with colleagues because it is easier to share access to tools and resources; and
  • users need to remember only one account from their own institution instead of requesting and remembering accounts from several different resource providers.

The AAF Inc. will allow service providers to provide access to their resources or services to authorised users in a secure way without having to issue or manage user accounts.

Institutions will benefit from the AAF Inc. by enabling their research, academic, and administrative users to access a wide range of resources and to collaborate more easily with colleagues in Australia and in other countries with which the AAF has a peering relationship."

It is important to note that some services may require the exchange of more information (attributes) than simply confirming an institutionally valid ID. This can be due to the nature of the data being accessed or for billing purposes. For further information on Federation services please refer to http://www.aaf.edu.au/


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