eCentre Governing Documents

Governing Documents is about ensuring that CDU staff have access to, and are aware of, CDU Governing Documents that underpin the operation of CDU.

All staff are required to read and accept governing documents that apply to them and to know where and how to access other governing documents.

It will be the responsibility of the staff members to read and accept all governing documents relevant to them within the specified timeframes.

How it Works

The Governance Branch is responsible for maintaining CDU governing documents. These are made publicly available via the Governance Document Library on the CDU website.

eCentre simply gives you the list of the documents you are required to read, then allows you to accept them. To do this you need to follow these steps:

  1. Log in to eCentre
  2. The Quick Status on the front page of eCentre tells you if you have documents requiring reading and acceptance, if you do, click on the link provided
  3. You will see a list of documents. Open one you have not accepted. This is not the document itself, but the record of your acceptance. It includes an Open button which will open the document.
  4. Open the document, read it and close it.
  5. Read the acknowledgement statement then click one of the following buttons:
      • Accept - Once accepted you are finished
      • Ask for Help - Wait to be contacted by a Governance Branch representative to answer any questions you have prior to accepting the document.

What Governing Documents will You need to Accept?

There are many governing documents provided on the Governance website. You do NOT have to read them all. Acceptance requirements are as follows:

  • Some documents are considered mandatory reading by the Vice-Chancellor, so all staff have to read and accept them.
  • Some are specific to certain areas of CDU so only need to be accepted by staff in those areas.
  • All other governing documents are available for reference on the Governance website. You should know where they are located so that you can access them if needed, but you wont be required to accept all of them.

The Rules

All required governing documents must be accepted by staff within 6 working weeks of commencing employment at CDU, or of a document major review being released. Once all required governing documents have been released all CDU staff (new and current) will have to accept them.

Governing documents assigned to specific staff must also be accepted within 6 weeks of assignment.

Certain key documents that undergo a major review due to changes in legislation and/or University business practices may be re-released requiring staff to read and accept the updated document within 6 weeks of re-release.

The 6 working weeks allowed for acceptance excludes all forms of leave. E.g. for a person on long service leave, the 6 weeks starts when they return to work.

What it means for supervisors

Supervisors are responsible for their staff accepting all governing documents AND adding any governing documents specifically relevant to their area of work (e.g. governing documents relating to the use of hazardous chemicals or safe use of laboratory equipment may only be assigned to those staff that need to be aware of them and not assigned to administrative staff).

After the 6 weeks allowed for staff to accept governing documents has expired, their supervisor will be notified of any documents not accepted by staff under their supervision.

Supervisors will receive email notifications plus an alert will appear on the front page of eCentre when they login.

Email Alerts

eCentre will send email alerts as follows:

  1. When governing documents become available to read and accept, an email will be sent to each person needing to do so. This can occur in any of the following scenarios:
        • A new governing document is released
        • A new version of an existing governing document is released
        • A supervisor assigns a document to specific staff member(s)
        • A new staff member joins CDU or a current staff member transfers to an area of the University that has different governing documents that affect it
  1. At 5 weeks into the 6 weeks allowed to read and accept documents, a reminder email will be sent to the person required to read and accept the documents.
  2. At 6 weeks, then weekly afterwards, an email will be sent to their supervisor detailing the overdue document acceptance by their staff

Email alerts will not be sent to staff if they are on leave, and they will not be sent to supervisors for staff that are on leave.

What if you do not understand a Governing Document?

eCentre includes the option to ask for help about a document. A Governance staff member will arrange a meeting with you and explain the document to you before you accept.


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