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Where can I store my data?

CDU has a number places that data can be stored. Below is a summary of the types of data and where best to store them.


TypeSystemSupport / Owner

Corporate Files

CDU Business files

V: W: X: Drives

Personal work related material

OneDrive for Business (5 TB)

Documents - non-important (C: Drive /
My Documents / Desktop)
Local Computer
(Staff should avoid using this as
data loss is possible)
Users Responsibility
External StorageUSB pen drives, external
hard drives, CD’s and DVD’s
Users Responsibility
CDU Web Site Content (Drupal)Web Server (Trogon)Web Team - Office of
Marketing & Planning
Student Learnline MaterialLearnlineOffice of Learning and
Student Learning Material (large files, videos etc)ShareStreamOffice of Learning and
Documents - Official records and corporate filesRM8 (Trim)Records and Archives
Collaborative Team AreaMicrosoft SharePointITMS
Collaborative Team Area

Confluence (Wiki)


See Details below

The corporate drives are used for the storage and sharing of all CDU business data.  Data stored on the corporate drives is backed up regularly. Your access to the drives themselves and the content on those drives is dependent on the level of access requested by your business area when your computer account was set up (changes to levels of access are requested by using eCentre). Everyone should have at least one drive letter, either V: W: or X:

The C: drive is the hard drive on your computer which contains your documents and desktop. It should not be used for the storage of any information that is not backed up elsewhere. If anything happens to your computer, it is likely that all the information stored here will be lost. 

are a convenient means of storing data however there is a chance that they can become corrupt, lost or stolen. It is recommended that they should not be used for storage of critical or CDU corporate data. ITMS do not support the troubleshooting or data recovery on such devices.


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