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What is Jabber?

Cisco Jabber™ allows you to find people, see if and how they are available, chat and collaborate using your preferred method. Jabber is a unified communications application that works on devices such as:

  • Windows computers
  • Mac computers
  • iPhone and iPads
  • Android phones and tablets.

Software downloads

Note Should you have issues updating Jabber on a non-standard CDU computer you my need to uninstall the previous version first.

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Current features of Jabber available at CDU:

  • Instant Messaging (IM) - Allows you to communicate instantly with people on their computers, mobile devices (notebooks and tablets) or smart phones.
  • Rich presence - This allows you to see if a contact is available via Jabber, on the phone or in a meeting.
  • Desk phone integration - Dial phone numbers via jabber client or dial phone numbers from within outlook
  • Integrated directory
  • Soft-phone - Allows you to use your computer as a phone. Your computer would act as if it were an extra phone connected to your extension. This might be useful for people working at home or away from CDU. The usability of this feature would be affected by the quality of the connection.
  • Visual voicemail - Bring up your voicemail messages, see who called you, when they called and listen to the messages.
  • Video Conferencing - Video phone integrated with CDU video conferencing systems (compatible to all standards based video conferencing systems anywhere on the internet)
  • Desktop sharing - Allow your colleagues to see what you are seeing on your computer and allow them to interact with what they are seeing.
  • Collaborate with other organisations - Most features extend to other institutions who are a part of AARNet's UC exchange. (e.g. video call to colleagues at other participating universities)
  • Features available off campus (currently via Anyconnect VPN client, but in a future release this will be possible without launching the VPN client).  For example, use the soft phone to bring your work extension number with you off site, and participate in video conferences from everywhere.
  • Multiple Clients Available - Clients for PC, Mac, iOS, Android.  (Note: not not all features are available on all clients)

Short answer

Yes. The protocol that Jabber uses is protected by internationally recognised standards and all Jabber traffic is encrypted.

Detailed answer

The integration of XMPP (the protocol Jabber uses) with SSL/TLS is described in section 5 of RFC 3920. Basically, client and server agree to switch to SSL on the already open connection, and then to SSL/TLS thereafter until the end of the connection. So everything is protected in SSL/TLS, not just the authentication part. All subsequent traffic gets encrypted.

CDU does not have a central store of Jabber messages. It is not possible to search the system and get a record of a Jabber users conversations. Each device that a Jabber user uses has a record of conversations had on that device until Jabber is either Reset or removed from that device. It is possible, for either member of a Jabber conversation, to save a copy of that conversation.

Jabber integrates with your Outlook contacts which means that it will display information that only you can see, because you have stored that information in your Outlook contacts. Information that Jabber sources from Outlook remains private to you and is not visible to other Jabber users.

Jabber should appear in your programs menu.

Jabber on the Start menu

The way Jabber is configured it should start and login when your computers starts.

Logged in Indication

You will know that you are logged into Jabber by the icon on the taskbar which can look like either of the two images below.

Jabber logo on the taskbar  or Jabber logo on the taskbar

Once Jabber has been installed on your computer, you need to login.

If you are at a CDU computer go straight to Step 3

Step 1 Jabber Login

Step 1

Start Jabber up (1)

Step 2 Jabber Login

Step 2

Enter your (2)(As shown above) and click "Continue" (3)

NOTE: This is not the same as your email address.

Menzies Users please user "" instead of ""

Step 3 Jabber Login

Step 3

Type in your username (4) and password (5) and tick (6) the "Sign me in..." box 

Then click "Sign In" (7)

Step 4 Jabber Login

Step 4

Jabber is now ready to use.


Note: When your password changes on the CDU system, you will need to update the password in Jabber. Jabber will prompt you to do this when it first starts after your password has been changed. You will need to do this on your computer and any other device you have connected to Jabber as the password is stored on the device and will need updating.

The following is a quickstart guide for Cisco Jabber 11.8 the version that CDU uses.

Jabber 11.8 Quick Start Guide (Windows) (PDF 222KB)

Jabber 11.8 Quick Start Guide (Mac) (PDF 186KB)

The document below is a complete guide to Cisco Jabber

Cisco Jabber 11.6 User Guide (1.25 MB PDF)

Once you have installed the Cisco Jabber client on your mobile device you will need to connect it to the CDU Jabber service.

Cisco Jabber clients for your Mobile Device

Note: Installation of the following software on your own mobile device is done at your own risk. While ITMS would not expect you to experience any issues, should this occur for some reason, ITMS can not provide assistance or support for personal devices.

Mobile Device Client

Operating System
Recommended Client

Cisco Jabber (latest)

Cisco Jabber for Android 10.5: Instant Messaging and Presence
(3 min Video)

IOS (Apple iPhone)

Cisco Jabber (latest)

IOS (Apple iPad)

Cisco Jabber (latest)

Windows Mobile

Cisco does not have a client for Windows mobile

ITMS are investigating possible alternative options

The following settings apply if you are trying to use a third party application other than Cisco Jabber:

  • Use 'Unified Presence'
  • Account: 'your CDU (eg and password'
  • Server:   (if you are prompted to enter a server use this one)

Once you have installed the Cisco Jabber client on your computer you will need to connect it to the CDU Jabber service. Follow the instructions in the "Login into Jabber" section.

Cisco Jabber clients for your Home Computer

Note: Installation of the following software on your own computer is done at your own risk. While ITMS would not expect you to experience any issues, should you have any  ITMS can not provide assistance or support for personal devices.

Operating System
Recommended Client

Windows 7,
Windows 8 & Windows 10

Cisco Jabber

Version 11

Download    (Click the link then "Save As" to the location you want.)


Cisco Jabber

Version 11  (Requires Mac 10.8 or later)
(How to Upgrade Macs)

Download   (Click the link then "Save As" to the location you want.)

The following settings apply if you are trying to use a third party application other than Cisco Jabber:

  • Use 'Unified Presence'
  • Account: 'your CDU (eg and password'
  • Server:   (if you are prompted to enter a server use this one)

To add a custom group click the cog (1) to get the Menus then click File (2) > New (3) > Group (4)

Create custome group in Jabber

Then give the group a name (5) and click "Create" (6)

Create custome group in Jabber

Then it is just a matter of right clicking on the Name and either selecting "Move to Group" or "Copy to Group" and selecting the group you created.

If you are not happy with your current Jabber photo and feel it needs updating you can do this in eCentre.

Note: You will need to be logged into a computer that has a camera attached.

Please use either Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox to access eCentre.

Step 1

Update Jabber photo 1

Once in eCentre, Click on "My Photo" (1)

Step 2

Update Jabber photo 2

Click "Change My Photo" (2)

Step 3

Update Jabber photo 3

Tick "Allow" (3) and then "Close" (4) (you can tick "Remember" if you wish)

If you are using Chrome Browser you may get the following browser message. Click "Allow"

Update Jabber photo 4

Step 4

Update Jabber photo 5

Move the red cropping box so that you image is centred. (5)

Click "Crop and Save" (6)

Your image in Jabber will shortly be replaced with the one you have just taken.

Note: Should your computer (or those of the people around you) not have a camera. The IT Kiosk will be able to assist you with one of the kiosk computers.

Jabber gathers information from both your Outlook Contacts and information you have provided in eCentre.

Please note: This has nothing to do with the number you provided for emergency SMS messages, which is stored and protected on a totally different system.

If your mobile number is displaying in someone else's Jabber, it is because:

  • you provide it in eCentre in the "My Phone Directory Listings" section, or
  • the other person has your mobile number recorded in their Outlook Contacts.

How do I remove my mobile phone number from Jabber

Go into eCentre and select "My Phone Directory Listings" and click the "Edit" Button

Jabber remove phone number 1

Remove your Mobile number from "My Phone Number"

Jabber remove phone number 2

This will take about 30 minutes to come into effect.

Note: The option to choose to display it the CDU directory or not does not affect if Jabber displays it. If it is there it will display in Jabber.

You can manually install Jabber on your computer by going to Software Centre and clicking Application Catalog on the right hand side, search for Jabber and then install it.

Yes, you need to request that it be enabled for you or for some or all the members of your team. Just log a job in LogIT saying you want group pick enabled on your Jabber and the other members with their extensions. Once it has been enabled you will see an addition icon on your Jabber which is for group pickup.
Let ITMS know if a new group hunt needs to be created or if you just require jabber to be setup to receive group calls.

The Jabra PC suite software allows control of Jabber from the headset, and minimises the delay when answering calls.

The Jabra software has been packaged and is available from Software Center (an icon on your desktop) for self-install by Staff on CDU Windows computers.

Search for Jabra and Install it

Jabber Software Center

You can add Cisco WebEx sites to Cisco Jabber to start, join, and manage online conferences.


  • Step 1 In Jabber Select File > Options.
  • Step 2 When the Options window opens, select the Meetings tab, then Edit account.
  • Step 3 From the WebEx Site drop-down list, select New Site.
  • Step 4 Enter all of the required information, including the name of the Cisco WebEx site that you want to add to your Cisco Jabber client, for example,
For CDU use the following address as the meetings address.
Note: The first time you do this you are likely to be redirected to a CDU login window where you will need to provide your email address and password.

Jabber allows user to save there chats to Microsoft Outlook.

To do this procedure 

  • Step 1. In Jabber Select File > Option
  • Step 2. When the Options window opens, select the Outlook tab, and tick "Save chats to Microsoft Outlook".
  • Step 3. Enter you email address and password
  • Step 4. Click on Server settings 
  • Step 5. Enter in both the Internal and external server boxes.
  • Step 6. Click OK
Once completed a folder called "Cisco Jabber Chats" will appear in your Outlook and each time a chat window is closed a record of that chat will be stored in this folder.

When you are in a Jabber chat session with someone you can share your screen by clicking the three dots (1) in the top left corner of the Jabber window and select "Share Screen" (2).

Jabber Screen Share Menu

The other person gets a message to "Desktop Share Invitation" which they need to "Accept".

Jabber Desktop Share Invitation

Once the screen sharing has commenced, you can then "Request control" from the top left corner.

Jabber Request Control

The person whose screen is being shared gets a message "Request to control your desktop" which they need to Accept.

Jabber Request to control your desktop

You can also swap who is sharing their Desktop by clicking "Take over sharing".

Swap who is sharing their desktop

As well as making the window take up the full screen by clicking "Full Screen"

Make window full screen


If you want to see the other persons screen and they are unfamiliar with screen sharing in Jabber. It might be simpler to share your screen and once shared swap to theirs.

You can use Jabber to make and receive phone calls from your CDU phone number, this is sometimes referred to as a Softphone. (Software Phone)

Once you have installed Jabber (See above)

In the bottom left corner of Jabber is a drop downbox (1)

Choose "Use my computer for calls" (2) then (3)

Make sure you have your "Audio Options" set (4) (EG Volume of sound and microphone)
Be careful of adjusting the volume when wearing a headset.

The Symbol in the bottom left will change from a "Phone" to a "Computer"

To make a call just type the number in the "Search or Call"

Note The use of a headset is recommended


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Office hours: 8am - 4pm, Mon- Fri (CST)

08 8946 6600 (ext 6600)
Phone hours: 7:30am - 6pm (Mon - Thu)
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