How to manage the size of your staff email mailbox

At Charles Darwin University (CDU), ITMS have put in place a number of ways to manage the size of your email inbox.

  • Standard mailbox quota is 50 GB from the previous size of 1 GB.

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In Microsoft Outlook Right click the "Inbox" and select "Properties..", then click the "Folder Size" button. This tells you the total size of your mailbox and the size of individual folders. This is expressed in KB (kilobytes) your mailbox needs to below about 1,000,000 KB (or exactly 1,048,576 KB).

The simplest thing to try first, is to just to empty your deleted email folder. Deleted emails count towards the total, until the folder has been emptied.

Next you need to identify what is taking up all the space. To do this add a column to your email view that has the size of each email in it.

  • Right click on the "Subject" header and select "View Settings".
  • Click the "Column" button. Select "Size" in the left hand column and "Add" it to the right hand column, then click "Okay" and "Okay" again. 
  • Now you can see the size of each email.
  • Now sort your emails by size, by clicking the "Size" heading, which should put all your large emails together and at the top.

You have three options:

  1. Delete the emails
  2. Remove the attachments from the emails
  3. Request that people, you correspond with, share large file instead of emailing them to you.

Initially you will get a warning email from the system when you go over 49 GB and nothing more. If your mailbox subsequently goes over 50 GB you will no longer be able to send emails until you are back under the quota. Receiving emails is not affected.


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