Using Room Calendars

This page will assist with how to make a booking and cancel a booking of a meeting room with Outlook.

The room itself is considered another attendee of your meeting and you need to include the meeting room in the list of recipients for the meeting.

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Managing a Meeting Room Booking

Making a booking for a meeting room

To make a booking for a Meeting Room, do the following:

1. Open Outlook
2. Select New Items.

3. Select Meeting

4. Select Rooms...

5. Select All Rooms from the drop down list. (1)
6. Scroll down the list of Meeting Rooms until you find the name of the Meeting Room. (2)
7. Add the meeting room to the Rooms filed by doing either of the following: (3)

a. double click it.
b. highlight the room name and select Rooms - >.

8. Select OK. (4)

The meeting room itself is now listed in the To field as a recipient.
Also the Location field has now been populated in the meeting request.

9. Add the rest of your attendees to the To field.
10. Type in a subject for the meeting.
11. Type in a brief overview of the meeting in the message body.
12. Set the Start time.
13. Set the End time.

14. Select Send.

This has now sent the meeting to all the intended recipients. (including the meeting room itself).

This will automatically enter the name of the meeting organiser into the calendar of the meeting room.

This will also add the meeting to your personal calendar, but it will show the Subject of the meeting.

All of the individuals reciepients will now get meeting invites sent to their email address.

15. When the attendees click Accept, the meeting will be automatically added to their personal calendar.

16. Your meeting has been successfully scheduled.

Moderated Meeting Rooms

If the room is moderated the meeting will show as tentative until the owner of the room has approved the use of the room.

Tip: To minimise disruption it would be advisable to check with the owner of the room to ensure that your booking will not be denied.


Should your request for a room be declined by the moderator of that room, you need to either book another meeting space or cancel the meeting to avoid people turning up to a room already in use by someone else.

Cancelling a meeting

For the meeting organiser they need to do the following

1. Open Outlook.
2. Open your Personal Calendar.
3. Highlight the meeting that they wish to cancel.

4. Right click on the selected meeting.
5. Select Cancel Meeting.

This will open a cancellation message and have all the original recipients email addresses already populated in the To field.

6. Select Send Cancellation.

This will automatically remove the meeting from your personal calendar.

This will also automatically remove the meeting from the meeting room calendar.

7. Once all the recipients receive the cancellation message it will remove their personal calendars also.

Can I delete a meeting from the meeting room calendar directly?


If you try to delete the meeting directly from the meeting room's calendar itself, the meeting will NOT delete.

It will give you an error message.

This will cause the meeting to stick in the calendar.

Viewing a Room Calendar

To see the availability of a meeting room you can add it to your Outlook as a separate calendar. That way you will be able to see when the room is available to be used.

How do I add a Room Calendar to my Outlook?

To add a Room Calendar to your Outlook follow the instruction below.

1. In the Calendar View of Outlook click "Open Calendar"

2. Select "From Room List"

3. Select the Room (or rooms) you wish to add (1) (or double click)

Click "Room ->" (2) for each room you want added.

When you have all the rooms you want added click "OK" (3)

4. The room/s will appear with your other calendars in Outlook

Creating a Room Calendar

Should you decide that a meeting room calendar would be a value resource to have you can request one following the instructions below.

How do I go about getting a Room Calendar for our area?

To get a Room Calendar for your area log a job in LogIT.

Make sure to include the following in your request.

  • Campus
  • Building
  • Level
  • Room Name or Number
  • If it is to be moderated and if so the names of the moderators.


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