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Note: WebEx has now been superseded by Zoom

How to use Zoom

WebEx is a tool offered by ITMS that provides web conferencing, video conferencing, and online meetings services. It has an easy-to-use interface that you can use to meet online with colleagues to discuss work and share files and applications in real-time. Using the supplied tools, WebEx gives you the ability to host a meeting that anyone (internal and external) can join and participate via computer, telephone or webcam.

There are two types of WebEx activities, hosting a WebEx meeting and joining a WebEx meeting:

  1. To host a meeting go to the portal and click "WebEx Cloud" and schedule a meeting.
  2. To joining a WebEx meeting (which does not require an CDU account) just follow the WebEx link that was provided to you by the host. Find out more about joining a WebEx meeting.

Here is a quick reference sheet you can refer to.

WebEx Cheat Sheets

New way to access WebEx meeting

In early February 2018 Cisco released a new method of accessing WebEx Meetings called "Start by Browser".

It appears under the big green "Start Meeting" button.

Start by Browser image

It has most of the functionality of the full WebEx install. Start by Browser

A simple way to schedule access WebEx meeting

A new feature has been enabled in WebEx to allow scheduling of WebEx meeting from within Outlook.

All you need to do is set up a meeting in Outlook and for the location use "@webex". (without the quotes)

This will automatically set up a WebEx session at the date and time of the meeting and within a couple of minutes of it being saved the meeting details will be inserted.

A really simple way to schedule a WebEx conference. This also works with Apple's calendar app on an iPhone or iPad, or on an android device etc.

Privacy concerns

If you have privacy concerns around using WebEx, go to What is the policy around WebEx recording?

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In brief, some features of WebEx are:

  • integration with Outlook
  • creation of calendar entries in Outlook that can forwarded as invitations
  • sharing of desktop and remote control
  • inbuilt whiteboard
  • conducting of polls and questionnaires
  • file sharing
  • note taking of meetings

The CDU hosted WebEx system allows up to 100 participants in a single WebEx meeting and 250 participants in all concurrent WebEx meetings. These numbers are likely to increase in the near future.

A WebEx account is allocated by signing into WebEx using your CDU staff email account and password (an account is not required if you want to join a meeting being hosted by someone else).

One of the useful features of WebEx is the ability to record a meeting.

While this feature is useful, hosts must take into account that some WebEx participants may find this objectionable.

Your responsibility as the WebEx Host

If you are recording a meeting, it is a legal and ethical requirement that as the host of a WebEx meeting you ensure that all parties are aware that the meeting is being recorded.

Guidelines for recording meetings

  • State in the meeting invitation (if possible) and at the start of the meeting that the meeting is being recorded
  • Record the acknowledgement of the participants
  • Inform anyone joining the meeting halfway through that the meeting is being recorded
  • Honour requests from participants that request they not be recorded
  • Provide a copy of the recording if a participant requests one
  • Remove (either download and delete or just delete) recordings from the WebEx system within 30 days

How can I tell if a meeting is being recorded?

To determine if a meeting is being recorded the meeting room window indicates this in the bottom left corner.

Recording button  Recording is paused

If the screen is being shared a red dot appears at the top

full screen indication that recording is active

WebEx clients are available for iOS and Android and need to be downloaded to your device.

Once downloaded you will need to configure the applications to connect to the CDU WebEx server. The details needed for doing this are listed below.


WebEx in iTunes store

Download the software package from the Apple store

Meeting Server:

Username: is your Email address

Password: Normal Computer password


WebEx in Google Play Store

Download the software package from Google Play linked from below FAQ

Android Mobile use

Meeting Server:

Username: is your Email address

Password: Normal Computer password

If this is your first time using WebEx, you should give yourself plenty of time and join the meeting a number of minutes before the meeting starts to make sure all is working and connected as intended.

Joining WebEx

Joining a CDU WebEx meeting is simple.

  1. When a CDU WebEx meeting is scheduled, you will receive an email invitation from the host of the meeting.
  2. In the body of the email, there will be a clickable links to join the meetings.
  3. Clicking the link will open up your computers default browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome) and automatically direct you to CDU WebEx.
    1. If this is the first time WebEx has been used on your computer, you may have to wait a bit while WebEx is setting up.
    2. You will also be given the choice of running WebEx as a temporary application. Use this option.
  4. If you are prompted to enter a password, use the password that was included in the email that was sent to you.

Once inside WebEx

  1. Once WebEx opens, you can connect the voice component (audio) of WebEx by clicking "Call Using Computer" (if you have a headset and microphone).
  2. You can test your audio settings by click the Audio menu (top left) and selecting "Computer Audio Settings"
  3. You will also need to "Start My Video" for the far end to see you. You can make the video larger by putting your mouse pointer on the video and clicking the icon in top right corner of the picture.
  4. When you have finished your WebEx meeting please click "End Meeting" to end the session.
Note: Please note that this new version of webex integrates with phone users differently.  Specifically, while users can dial into webex,  the cloud WebEx currently can only dial out to CDU extensions, or IP video conferencing systems.
To dial out to a CDU extension go to "dial my video system" and type in, eg as the destination.
To dial into a webex meeting dial 08 8946 6800 - you will need to enter the meeting number and pin

Cisco Website

The Cisco WebEx Homepage has short videos that cover all aspects of using WebEx. These are very good and cover the different aspect in 3-4 minute videos.

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning has a very comprehensive video tutorial (2hrs 20 Mins) on how to use WebEx. You can watch the entire course or only those video/s that you need immediately.

Below is just a selection of some of the WebEx Videos you can watch on LinkedIn Learning.

Videos on LinkedIn Learning

Introduction to WebEx Meetings?

Be aware that CDU has it own WebEx set up.

  • Access to WebEx is granted when you first login
  • Use for the WebEx site address

Learning WebEx (LinkedIn Learning Course)

Below are the individual videos available on LinkedIn Learning

NUMBERTopicSub TopicDuration
1.Getting Started    12m 14s
What is WebEx Meetings?2m 10s
Exploring system requirements5m 7s
Understanding common WebEx Meetings terminology4m 57s
2.Setting Up Your Account13m 8s
Setting up your host account3m 23s
Installing the WebEx Meetings plugin app2m 57s
Setting WebEx Meetings preferences4m 12s
Installing WebEx Productivity Tools2m 36s
3.Attending Meetings    28m 27s
Joining a meeting from an email3m 42s
Joining a meeting from the website2m 22s
Joining a meeting from your calendar2m 22s
Meeting call-in options3m 47s
Touring the attendee user interface5m 8s
Understanding the Participants panel3m 4s
Using text chat during a meeting3m 28s
Receiving presenter control2m 9s
Leaving a meeting2m 25s
4.Organizing Meetings38m 0s
Touring the account dashboard4m 16s
Scheduling meetings3m 35s
Starting instant meetings3m 9s
Scheduling meetings using Outlook2m 58s
Organizing meetings with the WebEx Assistant tool3m 20s
Scheduling recurring meetings4m 32s
Scheduling international meetings2m 17s
Inviting participants to scheduled meetings2m 3s
Editing and cancelling scheduled meetings3m 36s
Starting and ending meetings4m 1s
Hosting WebEx meetings4m 13s
5.Presenting with WebEx Meetings28m 51s
Understanding the presenter role1m 43s
Sharing your desktop2m 47s
Sharing applications2m 7s
Touring the presenter toolbar2m 28s
Sharing files2m 45s
Sharing streaming webcam video2m 56s
Changing presenters during a meeting2m 47s
Managing audio controls2m 36s
Inviting participants to a meeting in progress2m 9s
Using annotation tools3m 19s
Using whiteboards3m 14s
6.Recording Meetings10m 10s
Recording a meeting4m 24s
Playing back a meeting recording2m 40s
Sharing a meeting recording3m 6s
7.Using the WebEx Meetings Mobile App5m 16s
Installing the WebEx Mobile app2m 38s
Joining a meeting using the WebEx Mobile app2m 38s
9.Helpful resources    24s

Unfortunately WebEx currently does not provide a straight forward conversion process to MP4.

This has to be done by converting to an intermediate format (WMV) and then converting this to MP4.

Note: Converting video can take in excess of an hour or more depending on the size of the file and the speed of your computer. It would be a good idea to start this off just before you go to lunch or go home.


1. Open the recorded file (ARF) in the Network Recording Player

(Network Recording Player is installed when you install the two WebEx packages from the Software Center icon on your desktop)

2. Select File > Convert Format > WMV (Windows Media)

Convert Step 1

3. Choose where you want to save it to (1) the components you want included (2) and when you want to do it (3) then press OK (4)

Convert Step 2

4. Once it has been converted to a WMV file you will need to get a program such as Miro Video Convertor or Format Factory to convert it to an MP4 file.

Miro Video Convertor and Format Factory are both available from the CDU Application Catalog.

It is not possible to edit a WebEx session. However when converting it into another format you can choose what components from the WebEx session to include.

Once converted to either an WMV or MP4 format the recording can then be edited by any standard video editing software.

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