Zoom is a tool offered by CDU that provides web conferencing, video conferencing, and online meetings services. It is a cloud base service that provides video and web meetings where participants can join and collaborate. Zoom allows meetings to be accessible from a wide range of devices and platforms.

It is freely available for CDU staff and students who make one-to-one video calls or one-to-many video calls. The CDU Zoom corporate license allows up to 300 participants per meeting. A few licenses, that allow up to 500 participants to connect, are available. If you have this requirement, please contact ITMS to discuss your needs.

You can access Zoom from the CDU Portal or using your CDU account - https://charlesdarwinuni.zoom.us

Instructions on how to use Zoom at CDU:

If you are having problems with the Audio settings in Zoom, we have prepared a helpful guide.

NotePlease take a look at some of these recommendations to make your Zoom meetings more secure.

Zoom bombing and how to avoid it

What is Zoom bombing?

Zoom bombing is where a person gate crashes a Zoom meeting and starts to distribute objectionable material, such as pornography or just generally disrupting the meeting.

How to avoid Zoom bombing

The meeting host is responsible for the smooth running of the meeting. The larger or more important the meeting the more care needs to be taken. Below are some recommended actions that should be taken to avoid your next Zoom meeting being disrupted. 

  • Make sure you have the latest version of Zoom, it will notify you if one is available.
  • Once the meeting has started, change the “Who can share” option to “Only Host”
  • Have passwords on all meeting (This is the default setting on the latest Zoom versions)
  • Never use your Personal Meeting ID, always have it generated automatically. (Default)
  • Enable Waiting Room in the Advanced Option. Hosts are notified when someone enters the waiting room and can be vetted by the host before they join the meeting.
  • Disable video for meeting attendees.
  • Request participants use Zoom meeting names that clearly show who the person is, so they can easily be verified. As a Host you can rename a participant to make it clear who the person is.
    Click More next to the persons name followed by Rename and change the name.
  • Only allow known trusted meeting members to share their screens.
  • Enable “Mute participants on entry” in the Advanced options to avoid disturbing the meeting when people join.
  • Do not distribute the Zoom meeting details publicly. Get people to request the details and vet if they are genuine participants.

Zoom Video Tutorials

Zoom has a number of video tutorials to help you use Zoom and there are available here.

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning also has a 50-min course showing you how to use Zoom. This can be found here.


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