Where to get support

For support in IDM related matters, please consult the following table:

 Person type

(See descriptions of contacts/person types below)

IssueEmployeeExternalStudentPartner organisation members
System issues –  IDM unavailability, reporting bugs or technical issues.ITMSITMSITMSITMS
Incorrect End date – IDM is reporting an incorrect end date for a person, meaning that computer accounts and access privileges will be removed incorrectly.OPCITMSITMSPOA
Incorrect supervisor – IDM is reporting a subordinate you shouldn’t have or not reporting a subordinate you should have.OPCITMSITMSPOA
Computer account extensions  – If a users computer accounts are to be disabled by IDM, and a valid need for a short term extension exists.OPCSupervisorITMSPOA
Name – IDM is reporting incorrect names for a person, or a persons name has changedOPCITMSStudent ServicesPOA


ITMSInformation Technology Management & Support
Call the service desk on 08 8946 6600 or log a job with LogIT
OPCOffice of People and Culture. (OPC)
Contact Office of People and Culture by email at opc@cdu.edu.au
POAPartner Organisation Administration - contact the administration division of your organisation.
Student CentralContact Student Central

Person types

EmployeeStaff member employed by CDU
ExternalsNon-students that require CDU computer and network access, including visitors, consultants and non-payroll contractors.
StudentsStudents enrolled in CDU courses.
Partner organisation membersPeople provided with CDU services on the basis of a partnering agreement between CDU and some other organisation.


Contact information

W: logit.cdu.edu.au

IT Kiosk, Red 8, Casuarina campus
Office hours: 8am - 4pm, Mon- Fri (CST)

08 8946 6600 (ext 6600)
Phone hours: 7:30am - 6pm (Mon - Thu)
7.30am - 5.30pm (Fri)


ADAPT Technologies

The ADAPT technologies make it easier to access your work across a variety of devices.

Find out more about how ITMS are making the transition to ADAPT.

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